VapirRise 2.0

VapirRise 2.0

VapirRise 2.0 is designed for the vaporization of herbs and concentrates. Serves up to four users simultaneously with its forced air function, it supports both balloon inflation and direct inhalation. It heats up to 420°F in under a minute.


They say that good things come in pairs. The VapirRise has two chambers, each for oils and herbs. Vaporizing can be done in two ways, either using the whip system or the balloon system. Additionally, it has two adapters that accommodate single-user and multi-users. One cool thing is the temperature can be read either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.

Fast heat up
The VapirRise 2.0 is a vaping device that will not let you wait in vain. It heats up in less than a minute and can reach a temperature of as high as 420°F.

Dual function
Users can choose between its traditional whip system or advanced balloon system. You can use the single-user adapter when alone or the multi-user adapter when with a company. Either way, with the medical-grade stainless steel vapor path and ceramic heating element, you have the guarantee of pure vapor.

Designed like no other
The stainless steel vaporizer with blue LED lights is looking sleek and sturdy. It offers an illuminated precise control touchpad system that is easy-to-use and a forced-air fan system that can be switched off, unlike its predecessor. Moreover, it has a HEPA air filter system to ensure flavorful and pure vapor.

VapirRise 2.0 video

The video below demonstrates how to operate the VapirRise 2.0

User guide

Followings are step by step guide to operating the VapirRise 2.0

The VapirRise unit:

  1. Plug your unit to an outlet.
  2. Insert your choice of ground herbs into the chamber and gently pack it down using the chamber adapter.
  3. Select your desired temperature.
  4. Gently touch the heat button to start the heating process.
  5. Once the red light stops blinking and turns green, the device is ready to use.

Filling the balloon:

  1. Set your desired temperature and fan speed by pressing their respective up and down buttons. A higher rate will give you quick inflation while a lower speed will provide you with thicker vapor.
  2. Assemble your single-user adapter and attach it to the chamber. Connect one end of the silicone tube to the adapter and insert the other end to the balloon. Press the heat button and fan button to start filling up the balloon.
  3. Once the balloon is filled, turn off the heat and fan button, remove the tubing, and quickly replace the balloon cap.
  4. Enjoy your vapor filled balloon.

The whip system:

  1. Attach the inhalation adapter to one end of the tube and the mouthpiece to the other.
  2. Attach the inhalation adapter to the chamber.
  3. Set your desired temperature.
  4. Turn on the unit. If the red light stops blinking, it means that it is ready for inhalation.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x VapirRiser 2.0 Vaporizer
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Dried herbs chamber
  • 1x Oil chamber
  • 1x Single-user adapter
  • 1x Multi-user adapter
  • 1x Hot chamber grabber
  • 3x Inflatable vaping balloons
  • 1x HEPA air filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption)
  • 2x Silicone tubes
  • 4x X-tip clear mouthpieces
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x User guide

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