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Vape Bags

Vape bags are an efficient way to store clouds, vape bags are designed to be filled with vapor that you can keep away and indulge at your own pace.

By Vapospy Team on November 3, 2022 -
Updated on January 4, 2023

Powerful puffs at your convenience

Vape bags or balloon bags allow you to store rich vapor and enjoy it later. Preferably you’ll not let too much time pass since some vapor might escape over time. Available in sizes ranging from 60 to 90 cm, some vape bags come with a valve and mouthpiece.

Super portable, Easy to carry

Vape bags are specifically designed to separate the vaporization and inhalation processes so you can enjoy a desktop session without dragging the entire device around. Extremely handy, portable, and easy to carry, all you need to do is fill, lock, and inhale when you’re ready.

Compatible with desktop vaporizers

Vape bags are compatible with desktop vaporizers like the Volcano or Arizer Extreme Q, and a set of replacement vape bags will give your desktop vaporizer a new lease on life. The Volcano Vaporizer Valve Bags from Storz & Bickel come with mouthpieces, and each bag lasts for up to 500 refills!

The Arizer Replacement Balloon Pack also comes in a six-pack, and each filled balloon will give you 2-4 significant hits. Each bag usually lasts a month or two before it needs to be cleaned or replaced. 

Brimming with vapor

While there are several knock-off valve bags in the market, an authentic vape bag will last you for at least a few dozen sessions before it needs to be cleaned. 

Easy to use, customizable, and built to last, vape bags are brimming with features (and potent vapor) that will elevate your vaping experience. 

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