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Healthy Rips: ROGUE SE versus FURY EDGE SE

The comparison between ROGUE SE and FURY EDGE SE will check out improvements and how they stack up against each other.

By team on December 9, 2022

In its quest to deliver portable and affordable dry herb vaporizers that spew flavor-rich vapor, Healthy Rips has created two stalwarts, ROGUE SE and FURY EDGE SE.

Similar in shape, vapor quality, and efficiency, both devices are sturdy, solid, and loaded with precise temp control, convection heating, and an inverted LED display. They also have many accessories that elevate your overall dry herb experience.

Temperature range

Both devices use a convection oven that can be regulated with one-degree precision to produce strong, consistent, and flavorful extraction. The ROGUE SE has a slightly wider temperature range of 280°F – 430°F, while the FURY EDGE has a range of 320°F – 430°F.

Size it up

ROGUE SE is the bigger sibling compared to FURY EDGE in size, battery, chamber size, and session duration. The ROGUE SE is moderately larger than the FURY EDGE SE, yet small enough to be travel-friendly. It’s by no means bulky or unwieldy, just a tad heavier.

Larger chamber size

ROGUE SE has a slightly increased chamber size of 13mm, whereas FURY EDGE has an 11mm chamber. It allows packing more herbs in the ROGUE SE and more heady effects!

Battery and juice

With a 3,000mAh battery, ROGUE SE provides a longer session time than the FURY EDGE, which has a 2300mAh chunk of power. The good thing is that since both use USB-C fast charging, you’ll be ready to party in less than 2 hours. And a single charge on both devices has enough juice to last you 8-10 sessions.

Upgraded and more refined

Healthy Rips has upgraded its two devices, ROGUE SE and FURY EDGE SE, with a small but welcome change. The updated SE versions (the SE stands for Slide Edition) include a new sliding mouthpiece and accessory mount. Though the upgrade may seem minor, the new sliding system makes both devices more refined and versatile.

Reasonable price tag

Both devices are mid-tier and have affordable price tags. The ROGUE SE is a tad pricier at $149 (MSRP), and the FURY EDGE is $129 (MSRP). In a nutshell, you’ll enjoy a premium experience that won’t break the bank. While both are similar, and there is a lot of overlap between them in terms of features and performance, you can safely pick one and go with it.

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