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420 Vaporizer Deals (Best Sources)

By Christian Morisak on April 11, 2024 -
Updated on April 20, 2024

4/20 is approaching. As every year, I’m expecting to see great deals on a wide range of products. Communities, retailers, and bloggers making efforts to put together the best deals in the industry.

Buzz Danklin’s List (Vaporizers, Dab Rigs, Grinders & Grow Gear)

Troy’s Pre 4/20 Spring Cleaning Sale

Troy ( is clearing up space on the shelf by selling some of his vapes to the community. They’re not directly 420 deals, but they might still be interesting.

The largest Cannabis Vaping Community on Reddit

Vaporents on Reddit is usually a good source as well. As of right now, I don’t see the usual “4/20 Megathread” yet. (will update) (Ents UK)

Retailers 420 Deal Pages

Brands/Manufacturers 420 Deal Pages

Vapospy – The #1 Marketplace for Vaporizer

Retailers in the US, Canada, and Europe add deals and coupons throughout the year. I highly recommend double-checking deals against those on Vapospy.

To see all vapes, starting with the most popular ones, click here.

Most Popular Dry Herb Vaporizers (show all)

Most Popular Electric Dab Rigs (show all)

Storz & Bickel Vaporizers (show all)

Arizer Vaporizers (show all)

Pax Vaporizers (show all)

XMAX / XVAPE Vaporizers (show all)

DaVinci Vaporizers (show all)

Puffco Vaporizers (show all)

I will be continuously updating the sources list. Again, double-check deals against the ones on here, and maybe save a few extra bucks.

Hope you can find the deals you’re looking for.

Feel free to send us good deal pages to list.

Wish y’all a Happy 4/20!

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