Vaporizer Buying Guide 2024

First things first, there is no “Best Vaporizer.” But there can be the best vaporizer for a person and situation. The experience people can have with a specific vaporizer can vary from person to person, that’s because everyone values different kinds of features.

We want to mention right away; We did not test every vaporizer ourselves yet. There are too many, but we’re catching up vape by vape. Please read more about our ratings on our about page.


Things to consider

Here are some features you should look out for and questions you can ask yourself when choosing a vaporizer:

Build Quality & Used Materials
Some vapes feel more sturdy than others. Do you want a perfectly designed & well-built vape or is it not so important, and you rather prefer a lower price? How important is the build quality for you?

Vaporizers are made out of plastic, glass, steel, aluminum, wood, and ceramic elements. And don’t worry, when a vape uses plastic for a mouthpiece it’s not necessarily harmful. Most use food-grade materials. Even the Mighty has a plastic mouthpiece and is one of the most popular vapes out there.

Size & Weight
How portable does your vaporizer need to be? Do you usually use it at home or mainly on the go? How important is it that your vape fits into your pocket? Smaller vapes are not necessarily the better choice when you opt-in for optimal portability; some smaller vapes can get hotter than bigger ones.

Do you need a big battery or are you okay with charging it daily, as you do with your smartphone? A replaceable battery might be a great option if you often use your vape on the go.

Session or On-Demand Vaping
Do you prefer long sessions or a few hits at a time is all you need? Well, you need to decide this for yourself. What’s for sure is that most vapes are meant for vaping in sessions, and only a few are suitable for on-demand vaping.

Temperature Controls
Some electronic vapes work with a preset of temperatures, while others let you precisely adjust the temperature. Certain vapes have special kinds of settings, like a smart path or boost mode.

Vapor Quality & Bowl Size
The vapor quality is something that can vary by so many factors. The strain of herbs, how moist it is, how tightly you pack a bowl, the temperature, and many more factors. It’s hard to determine the vapor quality of a vaporizer. We recommend fully filling the bowls. Some vapes work better with loosely packed bowls than others.

Smartphone Apps / Yay or Nay
Some vapes come with a Smartphone app; most don’t. Apps normally give you more control of the device and make handling it more convenient. On the contrary, it can make you kind of dependent on your phone. Even though vaporizers that feature apps can typically also be used without them, somehow it makes you feel like you are missing out on functionality. Our experience with apps has been surprisingly great so far.

Ease of use / Cleaning
Last but not less important is the simplicity or ease of use of your vaporizer. You don’t want a vape that frustrates you every time you use it. You want a vape that you can turn on and start vaping without hassle. The cleaning process is rather important as well. Keep in mind that certain devices need more care than others.

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer (Our Favorites)

Listed products are either tested by Vapospy, or we are pretty confident with the rating. More info

The most important aspects of a great portable dry herb vape for us are the build quality, vapor quality, and ease of use. Portable vapes should not get too hot, same for the vapor, plus the device should be easy to use.

Best Pen Vaporizer (Our Favorites)

Listed products are either tested by Vapospy, or we are pretty confident with the rating. More info

As the name already reveals, the vaporizing devices look similar to a pen. They are usually super light, narrow, and small. Usually, they are made for concentrates or waxes, but some can vaporize dried herbs and wax as well.

Best Desktop Vaporizer (Our Favorites)

Listed products are either tested by Vapospy, or we are pretty confident with the rating. More info

Desktop Vaporizers are stationary devices that are often connected to the electrical grid. The clear advantage of desktop vaporizers is the amount of oil or herbs that can be loaded into the heating chamber. In addition, desktop vaporizers often offer more individuality and often come with a balloon or hose function. Each device has its special features.

Best Low-Cost Dry Herb Vaporizers (Less than $100)

Listed products are either tested by Vapospy, or we are pretty confident with the rating. More info

If you want to slowly get into the world of vaporizing and do not want to spend too much money immediately, our favorites for less than 100 USD might be interesting to you.

Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer (Less than $50)

Listed products are either tested by Vapospy or we are pretty confident with the rating. More info

For further questions about products, you can find further information about the devices on the product pages.

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