Vapium Hyer Big-E

The HYER Big-E may be the most high tech dabbing machine in the world right now. Heats up to 750°F without the need of a jet-flame lighter, the irresistible vaporizer elevates the game to a higher level with all its features. The Big-E lasts for up to 2 hours of continuous usage or 25 sessions, you only need some materials to get going. Plus, it cleans itself as it burn the residue by going higher than 800°F.

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Vapium HYER Big-E Review

After 3 years of research and development, the vaporizer maker Vapium finally revealed their next big thing with their first e-Rig; HYER Big-E. Known for producing the notorious Vapium Summit+, the company come out with the ground breaking vaporizer that eliminates the need of a torch with additional meticulous details to make dabbing even safer and easier.

Heating technology
Utilizing a heating element composed of ceramic with quartz as the dish, the Big-E does not only dab, it can also be used with dried herbs. Making it suitable for both waxes of herbal connoisseurs to venture into the other side without the need of another device. The Big-E come with the SmartSwitch technology, the universal adaptor that allows attachment to any universal ground material element.

It’s all about the BASE
The HYER Big-E come with an UFO looking base, which also acts as the heart of the vaporizer. The HYER Big-E come with a sensor to detect if the unit has tipped over. Since it heats up to 750°F, it is definitely wise to have this function. Operates with only 3 buttons, the Big-E comes with an LED screen that displays all the information you needed. Plus, you can store the tools and material you need for a session in the stash drawer.

Why would a flying saucer has a wire sticking on it, that’d be weird and ugly. Powered by four 3300 mAh batteries, the Big-E can be used like any other portable vaporizers. The huge capacity allows prolong usage with the flexibility of vaporizing anywhere you want, let’s say out for a camp in the woods. Or simply just at home, no more tangling in long wires or sitting next to the plug.

While some vaporizer still stuck in stone age with their AC adapters, the Big-E sync with the future by using the USB-C like the new MacBooks and latest smartphones. An USB-C is fool-proof, you can never plug it wrongly and it charges very efficiently. The Big-E also come with a standard USB charging port to charge your phone, letting you have the two devices close while having a session.

Vapium HYER Big-E Video

The HYER Big-E come with an UFO looking base with a popping touch of green, the look definitely screams for attention. Being the heart of the vaporizer, the base of the HYER Big-E come with a lot of features. Watch the video to find out.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Vapium HYER Big-E
  • 1x 14 mm Female adapter
  • 1x 14 mm Male adapter
  • 1x 14 mm to 18 mm adapter
  • 1x Electronic vaporization element (30W)
  • 4x Li-ion batteries (3300 mAh)
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x Smart switch magnetic cable
  • 1x Hyer clamp-on base
  • 1x 18W Wall charging adapter
  • 1x Quartz carb cap


The HYER Big-E is the ultimate dabbing machine for the future, it fulfills our human flaws for an unforgettable experience. Composed of the highest quality material and unprecedented engineering, expect this “Alien” to serve you as long as it can. Think of what you can do with it; SmartSwitch technology for an endless possibilities, charging phone while vaporizing, everything you need to start a session in one place, fast charging with huge battery capacity, no more flame torch and so many good memories. Plus, it is suitable for even the most clumsy person on earth, no more breaking glasses or fear of burning your house.

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