Pulsar RöK

Last update: December 24, 2020
Pulsar RöK

Pulsar RöK is one of the most portable dab rigs by Pulsar vaporizers. The device can vaporize both waxy concentrates and herbal materials as it has two removable atomizers; quartz for dabbing while the ceramic is for herbs. You can choose from three different voltage/temperature settings and unique disc percolator to diffuse your vapor.


It is not the first dabbing rig by Pulsar, and the US vaporizer maker also made a few portable vaporizers like the Pulsar APX Wax and the Pulsar Flow. Most importantly, dabbing should not be as dangerous as using a jet-flame torch; there is no need to risk yourself from unnecessary danger. Pulsar RöK only needs to be charged for 2 hours, and you can have your sessions with more control. Plus, it comes with an easy to use, minimalist, and intuitive single-button control.

Sturdy & powerful
The main component of the Pulsar RöK is metal, and it comes with a borosilicate beaker base. Borosilicate glass is virtually indestructible, making it a popular bong material. The device charges fully in 2 hours, and it can last for 25 to 30 sessions. On the other hand, the device reaches the desired temperature in 20 seconds and about 5 seconds more in quartz atomizer; that is why it provides a pre-heat function.

RöK mode
The RöK mode allows hands-free operation so that you can hold the device and the carb cap comfortably: it provides 30 seconds continuous session. The RöK mode also enables you to pass the device to your friends with no hassle. However, do not use this mode more than four times consecutively and allow it to cool down at least a minute in between RöK mode; this is to protect the device from overheating and deteriorate the vaporizer’s lifespan.

Mainly for dabbing
First of all, the main function of the Pulsar vaporizer is to vaporize waxy concentrates. Although it can also vaporize herbs, it is more likely to combust even with the recommended lowest temperature setting (680°F), as the other temperatures are too high for herbs. Nevertheless, the vapor taste should be fine for people who used to smoke their herbs. There are two different atomizers (cups), the quartz cup is meant for waxes while the ceramic cup serves herbal material. The three different temperature settings are as follows:

  • Green: 680°F / 3.4v
  • Blue: 780°F / 3.6v
  • Red: 850°F / 3.8v

Pulsar RöK

Check out the unboxing video or the RöK; you may see how portable the device is and how simple the setup is.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Dabber tool
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 2x Wire brushes
  • 1x Wax carb cap
  • 2x Silicone collars
  • 1x Coilless quartz cup
  • 1x Coilless ceramic cup
  • 4x Alcohol-filled cotton buds

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