Product Ratings On Vapospy

When we tested a vaporizer or can make an educated guess, we will give a product a certain rating. We adjust ratings over time when we discover advantages or disadvantages after a longer period of using the product.

We started to split our ratings into three type of ratings:

Product Tested

We got the product & tested it at least once. Normally we try each product more often over time. We bought a lot of products for testing or some of our partners or manufacturers were sending us their products for free.

4.6/5.0 i Product Tested By Vapospy

Estimated Rating

We never tried the product but we are pretty confident with the rating. Either we used very similar products from the same brand or we read lots of feedback about a product.

4.5/5.0 i Rating Estimated By Vapospy

No Rating

We never tried the product and are not sure on how to rate this product. In case you’re the official manufacturer of a vaporizer product, please get in touch with us. We’re happy to test your product as well.

i Product NOT tested yet by Vapospy