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Best of Vape Releases in 2022 (Q1 & Q2)

The first article of our vape release series.

By Vapospy Team on June 20, 2022 -
Updated on February 7, 2023

During the first half of 2022, major brands have launched awaited vaporizers. Most of them are improved versions of well-known devices. Here are five of the top devices launched in 2022.

Boundless CFX+ 

This year’s spring saw the release of the new Boundless CFX+. This upgraded version of the classic Boundless CFX presents some improvements and changes. For example, this vape allows both precise and preset temperature control. The device heats up fast, and like the previous model, it should produce quality vapor satisfying to users’ taste. Plus, the chamber is significant in size. Therefore it allows extensive sessions or social sharing. The cooling system should cool down the vapor efficiently while using a zirconia air path.

Focus V Carta 2 

Focus V has launched a new Focus V Carta 2. This desktop vaporizer is a serious competitor of the Puffco Peak Pro. It comprises an Intelli-Core™ 360° heating atomizer that vaporizes concentrates and can be used with herbs. The heating chamber has increased size and is now 14mm wide. Fans will appreciate it! The water filtration system helps produce a flavorsome cooled-down vapor while keeping its potency. You can set up your session directly from the device and read Infos on the OLED screen or alternatively use the app. It’s worth mentioning that it is a different device than the Focus V Carta V2, the upgraded version of the Focus V Carta OG. The Carta 2 is a new device with a unique design and improved functionalities. However, the glass is compatible with the OG.

AirVape Legacy Pro 

Updated model from AirVape Legacy, the Pro version displays valuable features and a few updates. Now more handy and more stylish. However, it’s doing it faster, thanks to the new hybrid heating system. Plus, premium materials and an isolated airpath ensure a clean and cool vapor. And last but not least, it looks fantastic. Its beautiful design shows a high-end finish.

Arizer Air Max 

The Canadian brand Arizer is back with a new vaporizer called the Arizer Air Max. This last model has all the hallmarks of what made the brand’s reputation: accurate temperature control, enhanced airflow, bright OLED screens, and a glass mouthpiece. This one can be connected to a water filter, the adapter is included. It’s worth mentioning that this vape uses a powerful battery of 5500mAh that will last you longer than 2 hours. As an interesting detail, the OLED screen now has automatic screen inversion and a dark screen mode.

G Pen Elite 2 

After the G Pen Elite, now comes the G Pen Elite 2. Its slender body is slightly slimmer than its predecessor and keeps the minimalistic aesthetic. Inside it uses a hybrid heating system that so many users love for being fast and efficient. The temperature range of 199°F (93°C) to 429°F (221°C) is wide enough for dry herbs and you can control it precisely. The device hosts a patented clean air intake technology that prevents the vapor from coming into contact with any device’s electronics or other parts. Therefore it produces flavorsome and pure vapor.

2021 Releases

A few of the products launched back in 2021:

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