Flowermate V5 Nano

The Flowermate V5 Nano is one of the iconic vaporizers made by Flowermate. The portable herbal vaporizer features a unique black ceramic chamber; if you had a vaporizer in the past, you know how white ceramic turns yellow after a while. Therefore, you will enjoy your vape longer. The V5 Nano comes with an insulated air duct that improves the vapor flavor with better airflow. Moreover, the V5 Nano comes with a collapsible mouthpiece for better portability.


The Flowermate V5 Nano is the long-awaited upgraded model of the V5 series and comes with an even sleeker design and a replaceable battery. The Flowermate V5 Nano may be the most effective vaporizer from Flowermate; it has a rather deep chamber and is compatible with herbs and oils. The V5 Nano also has space beneath the vaporizer to keep your mouthpiece safe, while the replaceable battery feature ensures the vaporizer is ready anytime. The price offered on this vaporizer and the features that come with it make the vaporizer irresistible.

Great highlights

The Flowermate V5 Nano comes with a new feature unavailable on another V5 series, where it vibrates when the temperature reaches. It heats up in less than 30 seconds. The V5 Nano has a deep black ceramic chamber and an isolated air path. Together with the borosilicate glass mouthpiece, the V5 Nano guarantees a pure and delicious vapor on the go.


The Flowermate V5 Nano allows a full temperature control ranging from 104°F to 446°F. You can control it with two smaller buttons on the screen. The temperature is displayed on the elegant 0.96 inches black OLED screen, which also shows the battery level.

Easy filling

Filling herbs can be messy; Flowermate solves the problem by incorporating a magnetic loading funnel. As it attaches perfectly to the chamber, you no longer need to worry about spilling your precious herbs.

Black is the new black

Black is always an elegant color; you can now have a vaporizer that fits all your other black gadgets! Like the device itself, the glass piece, heating chamber, and accessories storage bags are black. To add it up, it also scores with discretion other than pure beauty and, of course, vapor quality. If black is not your jam, you can choose your casing in different colors.

Flowermate V5 Nano Top Animation

Flowermate V5 Nano video

The following video will give you a good overview of the Flowermate V5 Nano functions. It also shows how to fill your vaporizer with your favorite materials adequately.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x FlowerMate V5 Nano
  • 1x Borosilicate glass mouthpiece
  • 1x 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • 5x Mouthpiece and chamber screens
  • 1x Magnetic loading funnel
  • 1x Stainless steel container for herbs
  • 1x Maintenance kit
  • 1x Container for liquids/wax
  • 1x USB charging cable

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  • Brand / ManufacturerFlowermate (Smiss)
  • Type:Portable Vaporizer
  • Usage:
  • Mouthpiece material:Glass
  • Heating Technique:Conduction
  • Temperature control:Full control
  • Energy Source:Battery
  • Average battery life:~ 50 minutes
  • Chamber/oven material:Ceramic
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Origin:China
  • Pass-Through Charging:No
  • Replaceable battery:Yes
  • Temperature Settings:104°F - 446°F
  • Heat-up time:< 30 seconds
  • Weight:142 grams
  • Size:9.4 x 4.9 x 1.9 cm
  • Recharge Time:150 min
  • Chamber capacity:0.4 grams
  • Battery capacity:2500 mAh
  • Warranty:2 year(s)
  • Other features:
    • Haptic feedback
    • Water adapter

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