Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

Known for their top quality and durable vaporizers, Dr. Dabber is one of the most sought after vaporizer brand in the market with years of reputation. If you ask any vaporizer connoisseurs, they would at least mention two of Dr. Dabber’s either the Dr. Dabber Ghost, Dr. Dabber Light or Dr. Dabber Boost.

The reason behind the popularity of Dr. Dabber vaporizer is the high potency vapor produced by their signature Titanium technology, where they employ Grade 4 Titanium as atomizers. It heats at a low temperature with high resistance, resulting in a lasting, constant temperature that prevents combustion for the best tasting vapors.

To find out more about the Titanium technology or any information about Dr. Dabber vaporizers, check out the Official Dr. Dabber website.