Dr. Dabber Ghost

Last update: October 28, 2020
Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Dr. Dabber team describes itself with the slogan “High Class, Low Profile.” That is exactly the vibe that you get from the Dr. Dabber Ghost. This vaporizer specializes in low-temperature vaporization of concentrates. Now, the Ghost isn’t Dr. Dabber’s only vape pen; this is the sister vape of the Dr. Dabber Aura/Aurora. So, you can expect they know what they are doing. Rewarded by High Times with the “Best Hit,” “Best Value”, “Best Portability,” and “Best Kit” awards in 2016, this is a highly praised vape pen. Don't be afraid of this Ghost!


Most entries to the vape pen category are going to be shockingly similar. There are only a few different variables for most pens. Not so, with the Dr. Dabber Ghost. The Ghost keeps things interesting with a wealth of accessories and features. It stands out with a titanium design and stellar vapor production.

Which Wick?
Every vape uses an atomizer to convert your oils into vapor. However, the Ghost has made atomizers its primary focus and offers a couple of different options when choosing which one you’ll use. First of all, it comes with an atomizer. That works just like a candle wick (though it is never set aflame) and emanates vapor once heated to the proper temperature. The closer you are to the vaporization point of your material, the better the flavor will be.

Accessories Galore
Dr. Dabber added a range of accessories that can change the way you vape with the Ghost. The first is the glass water tool you can buy separately – it includes a percolator and a recycler pendant. All you have to do is add water to them and inhale the cooled vapor. They also offer a glass globe attachment that opens up the chamber for viewing while vaping. It doesn’t do much, but it can add a subtle flair and is fun to watch.

Top Tier Vapor Performance
For the inexpensive price tag, this little pen vape has turned some heads. Not only have High Times and the Vape Critic loved this vaporizer, but the user reviews have also been off the charts. It is a “top tier” vaporizer for sure. By focusing on the parts of vape pens that others might not, they have crafted quite an excellent product. Their titanium coil gets high marks for providing easy pulls and great flavor. It’s a stealthy vape, keeping any lights out of sight and allowing users to vaporize in relative obscurity. The only light to be found on the Ghost’s body is on the battery, so you know it’s functioning. The battery will last about 200-300 draws, more than enough for a couple of days of vaping. The Vape Critic was astounded when he found that the battery had held a full charge for a month without use.

Concentrating on Concentrates
Since the Ghost only has to prepare itself for oils and concentrates (no herbs, resins, or e-liquids allowed), it can specialize in one area. It will enable the Ghost to have a 10-second heat up time. It’s a simple design, using a 5-click locking function to keep you from wasting your tasty vapor in your pocket. Dr. Dabber stands out for using a deeper-set atomizer that will let you pack in the material and prevent leaks. They’ve thought of everything, and now it’s up to you.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Video

Check out the short introduction video of the Dr. Dabber Ghost to find out about all its features.

What’s In the Box?

  • 1x Dr. Dabber Ghost
  • 1x Spare Atomizer
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x Shatterproof Storage Ball
  • 1x USB Charger

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