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Davinci IQ2 Carbon Limited Edition

By Vapospy Team on July 28, 2022 -
Updated on February 7, 2023

You might already know the Davinci IQ2 and even the IQ OG. Indeed, these sleek, petite frame, and simple-to-use vaporizers have made the reputation of the Davinci brand. There is now a special limited edition of the IQ2. It’s called IQ2 Carbon, and it’s limited to 1000 units. The IQ2 Carbon comes with accessories that will speed up your loading and cleaning process and smooth your vapor. Now, let me explain to you how.

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Limited Edition: packaging and content of the box

At Vapospy, when we received the IQ2 Carbon Special Edition, the first reaction was very positive. In fact, it came in a beautiful casing with three layers of compartments that opened like a precious watch box. Therefore, when you lift one of the velvety panels, it has this premium product feel. To start, the centerpiece of the box is the IQ2 Carbon vaporizer itself. Then, you can open the left and right panels on each side of the device. You’ll find a Davinci Dosage Grinder and a Dosage Pod Holder on the left. And on the right, there is a Hydrotube and a bubbler adapter. Also, when you lower the top panel, you’ll find all the extra accessories—first, a keychain in its little compartment. As part of the limited Edittion offer, each keychain is engraved with your unit number. Finally, a black box contains a USB charging cable, alcohol wipes, an additional pick tool, and a small user manual.

The good-looking vape

First of all, let’s have a look at the IQ2 Carbon. On first impression, visually, it looks fantastic! The body is similar to the IQ2, compact, and minimalistic. The main difference is that the outer shell is made of 3K Twill Weave carbon fiber. As its name suggests, it is a mix of woven carbon fiber infused with 3K resin. As a result, using materials and weaving processes create this incomparable interplay of patterns. So, on top of the sleek IQ2 body, the final result looks pretty classy. Plus, this material is light and diffuses heat.

The handy Dosage Pod Herb Grinder

On the left is a Davinci Dosage Pod Herb Grinder. This manual grinder is crafted from aluminum and has four pieces, two chambers, and a magnetic lid.

A grinder is a handy accessory when vaporizing herbs, and this one simplifies the process of filling. Here is how. To start, the first two pieces of the grinder present diamond shape teeth for an optimal grinding process. As a result, it shreds herbs into medium-grind consistency. Then herbs fall into the second chamber. Here is the cool trick. If you’d like to use the dosage pods, place them under the six bigger holes in the last chamber. This way, herbs diffuse straight into the dosage pods when you grind. You’ll shred and load in one step, an easy breezy process. Plus, it comes with a little brush that looks made partly of natural hair. It’s a helpful accessory to push the little pieces of herbs down to the pods or help the grinder’s cleaning process. And if you remove the dosage pods, it acts as a regular grinder.

The practical Dosage Pod Holder

Located under the grinder is a little black container with the Davinci logo. It’s a Dosage Pod Holder, another excellent addition to the package. The design is similar to the vaporizer, but smaller, and it’s made of brushed aluminum, like the original IQ and IQ2. Slide it open, and it unfolds the pod compartment. Inside there are six cavities, each fitting one stainless steel pod.

Once you fill the pods, thanks to the dosage pod herb grinder, place one inside the chamber and start your session. One benefit of using a pod is limiting the necessary cleaning process of your chamber to the minimum. Plus, as one pod can contain up to 0.2g of herbs, you’ll have six prefilled pods and 1.2g of herbs ready to go.

The icing on the cake, the Hydrotube

The following accessory provided in the box is the Davinci Hydrotube. This is a borosilicate glass water filter. Thanks to the adapter, it fits on top of the mouthpiece and contributes to cooling down the vapor. According to Davinci, thanks to the Hydrotube, the vapor path is 30% longer.


The IQ2 Carbon limited edition is a complete kit with a classy look. From the Dosage Herb Grinder, which simplifies the filling process, until the Hydrotube, which cools the vapor, there is everything you need from A to Z for a fast and clean session. Plus, using a pod keeps the chamber clean and saves time and hassle. So now the last thing we need is to know how you feel about it. Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us; we’d be happy to hear from you!

What’s in the IQ2 Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Box?

• 1x DaVinci IQ2 Carbon
• 1x 18650 Battery
• 1x Hydrotube
• 1x Dosage Grinder
• 1x Dosage Pod Holder
• 1x Engraved Keychain with tool
• 6x Stainless Steel Dosage Pods
• 1x Charging and Storage Box
• 1x Manual

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