E-cigarettes, now often referred to as vaporizers or vaporizers, are becoming increasingly popular in Germany and Austria. In contrast to cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not produce unpleasant odors or ashes. When vaporizing, no substances are burned, but a heating element heat liquids. As a result, the consumer only breathes in pure, pollutant-free wet vapor. While e-cigarettes only vaporize liquids, so-called liquids, the classic (Vaporizer), can also use herbs and concentrates and vaporize waxes.

Structure and functionality

Every e-cigarette has an integrated heating element and runs on a battery. Battery life varies by manufacturer and device, and in many cases, you can use the device while charging. The heating element heats a flavored liquid. In contrast to regular cigarettes, no substances are burned with an e-cigarette. The consumer only inhales the pure, pollutant-free vapor through a mouthpiece.

There are numerous different flavors and liquids with varying amounts of nicotine in the liquids. Some liquids contain no nicotine and are often used to help people quit smoking.

You find the mouthpiece at the top of the e-cigarette. The integrated battery is activated as soon as the user pulls on it, and the vaporizer starts heating. With some devices, you must also press a button on the device while pulling. The heating coil in the device is now heated and vaporizes the liquid. When the e-cigarette has reached the right temperature, the vapor collects in the vaporizer head, and you can inhale it.

Most e-cigarettes use a tank system. This tank contains the liquid and has a connection to the mouthpiece. It means that you can exchange individual liquids quickly and easily.

Types of e-cigarette

The e-cigarette, which is increasingly referred to as a vaporizer, is available in different price categories and sizes. The models often attach different importance to individual features. Some vaporizers produce a potent vapor; others are known for their long battery life. In general, one can divide electric cigarettes into three different types of evaporators and their size.

E-cigarettes with different vaporizers

  • Atomizer
  • Cartomizer
  • Clearomizer


With the atomizer, the heating element is in the e-cigarette, and it contains a tank or cotton pad. Due to the help of a wick made of glass fiber, you heat the liquid with the heating coil, and thus steam is produced. You can refill the liquid very quickly, which is particularly suitable for newcomers.


With the cartomizer, you don’t need any additional depot for the liquids since the vaporizer and the depot are already in the device. When one heats the liquid, the vaporizer draws the liquid directly from the depot. The liquid is stored compactly in a cotton wool piece, creating a particularly intense vapor.

The cartomizer is also very easy to use and, therefore, ideal for consumers using an e-cigarette for the first time. You don’t need to fill the device either, as each cartomizer already includes an atomizer. When the cartomizer is empty, use a new one. In addition to the simple handling, the most significant advantage is that one only has to buy new liquids. Although cartomizers are slightly more expensive than other e-cigarettes, they also have a long service life.


The clearomizer has elements of both types of evaporators already mentioned. As with the cartomizer, the depot is already integrated here. It allows you to exchange liquids quickly and easily. However, the liquid is not stored in cotton wool but reaches the heating element via a wick, like in the atomizer. A unique feature is the transparent housing. Thus, the consumer always has an overview of how much liquid is still available.

E-cigarettes by size

  • Mini cigarette
  • Mid-size cigarette
  • Mods

Mini cigarette

The mini e-cigarette comes closest to the regular cigarette, especially visually. Due to their similarity, they are particularly popular with users who want to quit smoking and are available in both disposable and rechargeable options.

The mini cigarette is very easy to use as it consists of only four parts. Drawing activates the battery and starts the vaporizer. The liquid is immediately vaporized from the depot, and one can inhale it as vapor. The attached LED lamp at the end of the e-cigarette simulates the embers of a real cigarette.

Mid-size cigarette

The mid-size cigarette, also known as the eGo, produces significantly more steam than the mini cigarette. When pulling on the mouthpiece, the consumer must also attach the button on the side of the device. The eGo consists of an atomizer, a tank, and a battery. You can replace the atomizer at will.

The advantage of the eGo is the significantly longer service life and the more intensive vaping experience. The consumer also has a considerably more significant influence over the control of the device.


Mods have more powerful batteries and better cartridges and atomizers. With this type of e-cigarette, the focus is primarily on the consumer’s experience. Although they have numerous unique features, they are also significantly larger and heavier than conventional e-cigarettes.

The mechanical mods have no electronic switches and controls, while the smart mods offer numerous consumer options. The consumer can change the temperature and benefit from LED displays and other features.

Cleaning e-cigarettes

One must clean e-cigarettes regularly to remove any liquid residue and other impurities. After a specific time, residues of the liquids often accumulate on the heater. As a result, the vaporizer can no longer bring 100%. In addition, the cleaning ensures pure steam. Of course, good care also increases the overall service life of the device.

There are different ways of cleaning. The simplest variant is to blow through regularly before each new liquid refill. It can be very efficient but often leaves residue on the heating element. You can also place the device in hot water or disinfectant. The e-cigarette can be turned back and forth several times to remove all residues.

Many users also use ultrasonic devices to clean their e-cigarettes. Such a device you can find in every drugstore. The significant advantage: This cleaning is comprehensive. Another option is “dry burn” cleaning, which is not an option for all models. The heating element must be exposed and then started.

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