Volcano Vaporizer Valve Bags

If you want to spruce up your existing Volcano, a nifty Easy Valve Replacement Set comes with six Volcano Vaporizer Valve Bags and mouthpieces from Storz & Bickel.

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Volcano Vaporizer Valve Bags

Don’t worry if your existing Volcano bags are worn out, torn, or damaged; a replacement Volcano Vaporizer Valve Bags will revitalize and revive your Volcano setup.

High on compatibility

Designed to be used with vaporizers such as the Volcano Classic, Volcano Hybrid, and Volcano Digit, a set of Volcano Vaporizer Valve Bags from Storz & Bickel will give your Volcano a new lease on life.

Two sizes to choose from

The Easy Valve Replacement Set comes with six Volcano replacement bags and mouthpieces, designed to replace the balloons and mouthpieces included initially with a Volcano. You can choose between two sizes; 60 cm or an XL size of 90 cm.

Each Valve Bag is good for 500 refills

These balloons are made of food-grade plastic, are disposable, and don’t require any cleaning or maintenance. While several knock-off valve bags are in the market, an authentic Volcano Vaporizer Valve bag will last for 500 refills.

It’s safe to say that six Volcano replacement bags will keep you going for a long time.

Volcano Vaporizer Valve Bags Video

Thanks to this video, you will understand the difference between the solid and easy valve bag.

What’s in the box?

  • 6x Replacement balloons with Easy Valve mouthpieces


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