Terp Timer

Terp Timer

The Terp Timer by Octave is a sleek and sturdy desktop device that's designed to provide premium flavors with each dab session. It features a laser that helps you line up your banger perfectly and a timer letting you know when it has reached your preset temperature. In addition, the Terp Timer has an improved user interface, color-changing screen, and an embossed magnetic base. Even more, a full battery gives you two to three months' worth of use and comes with a 10-year warranty.


  1. Color changing screen
  2. Embossed magnetic base
  3. Improved UI

The Terp Timer is a desktop wireless thermal sensor that allows you to dial in the exact temperature when concentrating.

Set your desired temp and the unit will beep to remind you when it hits that temperature.

The battery lasts for 2-3 months per charge.  10-year warranty.

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