Pulsar APX Smoker

Pulsar APX Smoker
Pulsar APX Smoker

Please do not confuse it with the name. The Pulsar APX Smoker is a herbal vaporizer utilizing a conduction heating style. Powered by a 1100mAh battery, the APX Smoker looks similar to the Pulsar APX Wax with a unique Borosilicate mouthpiece. The APX Smoker may look tiny and cute; in reality, it is a mighty vaporizer and heats up within seven seconds!

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Pulsar APX Smoker V3

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  • Brand / ManufacturerPulsar
  • Type: Portable Vaporizer
  • Features: Automatic shut-off
  • Usage: Dry Herbs
  • Mouthpiece material: Glass
  • Heating Technique: Conduction
  • Temperature control:Full control
  • Energy Source: Battery
  • Average battery life:90 minutes
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Chamber/oven material:Quartz
  • Origin:USA
  • Temperature Settings:950°F - 1094°F
  • Heat-up time:~ 7 seconds
  • Recharge Time:90 min
  • Battery capacity:1100 mAh
  • Warranty:1 year(s)

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