Pulsar APX Pro

Pulsar APX Pro
Pulsar APX Pro

The Pulsar APX Pro is a dry herb vaporizer with custom temps, dope art and a ‘cash’ mode that cranks up the heat. Pocket-sized and portable, it comes in sleek colors and has a wide temperature range.

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By Vapospy Team on July 13, 2023 -
Updated on September 26, 2023
Pulsar APX Pro

A dry herb vape with an artistic flair, Pulsar APX Pro is a solid choice for beginners and a groovy, travel-friendly vape for pros.

With hand-drawn designs, chic motifs, and wild colors, it’s a fun addition to your vape collection.

Its battery is on par with more expensive dry herb vaporizers, and you can expect 18-30+ sessions before recharging.

Wide temperature range

The Pulsar APX Pro has a temperature range of 320°F-430°F (160°C-220°C), and you can adjust it down to the degree.

A session timer allows you to set the length of your session, and you can choose from five presets ranging from 3-5 minutes. The heat-up time is quick and is ready to rip in 30 seconds.

‘Cash’ feature, Reliable battery

A ‘cash’ feature cranks up the conduction oven for the fullest flower extraction. The vape also has an LED screen and haptic feedback.

This vape houses a 2100mAh battery that lasts for a good 90 minutes and charges via micro-USB. You can partake in about 18-30+ sessions before needing a recharge.

Dope design options

Available in vivid colors and designs, you can choose from custom hand-drawn art, psychedelic patterns, and chic motifs by featured artists. You can also choose from Jet Black, Pulsar Camo or Emerald, or a limited edition Wood Grain.

Pulsar APX Pro

Check out the groovy art on the Pulsar APX Pro and learn how to use it in 40 seconds.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Pulsar APX Pro
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Stir tool
  • 1x USB charging cord


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