Marley Natural Grinder

Made from black walnut wood, Marley Natural Grinder is a cut above regular plastic or aluminum grinders. Engineered to grind herb to a fluffy or fine consistency with minimal effort, this dry herb grinder has stylish good looks, a snappy magnetic lid, and a see-through middle section.


Marley Natural Grinder is a natural wood grinder that combines precision grinding and craftsmanship. Crafted by Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley cannabis brand, this grinder is trendy and sustainably sourced. It comes in two sizes; a large one for home sessions and a smaller version that is travel-friendly and discreet enough for grinding on the go.

Snappy magnetic top, See-through middle section

The grinder is split into four levels – a magnetic lid, the grinding chamber, a see-through chamber where the ground herb is collected, and a kief chamber for the fine pollen at the bottom.

The top chamber is easy to grip, and its in-built magnets snap the lid into place. The aluminum teeth are placed perfectly to grind herb or sticky buds into a consistency that smokes or vapes well.

The see-through chamber acts as the viewing gallery, so you know when you have enough and doubles up as a storage spot for your herb. A detachable sifting screen can also be unscrewed after pulling off the bottom pollen catcher chamber.

Handy pollen catcher and steel scraper

The grinder’s base has a twist-off wooden bottom that collects all the fine kief particles without the risk of spillage. It also features a stainless steel scraper that slides out easily. You won’t lose it in a hurry either, as the scraper stays in place with the help of an in-built magnet in the wooden base.

Walnut wood finish, Classic looks

This grinder is a cut above made from sustainably sourced black walnut wood. It’s a classy piece with artisanal wood details and a see-through compartment that’s cleverly designed. Available in two convenient sizes; a large version that will look good on your coffee table at home and a smaller travel-sized grinder for when you are moving.

Marley Natural Grinder

Watch this unboxing video to get a good look at all the cool features of the Marley Natural 4-Piece Grinder.

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