G Pen Micro+

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) | Dab Pen Vape & Cartridges
G Pen Micro+ (Plus) | Dab Pen Vape & Cartridges

The G Pen Micro+ is a two-in-one vaporizer that accommodates both dabs and vape pen cartridges. With its stylish, minimalist, pen-like appearance, this device offers cartridge recognition technology, longer battery life, and intuitive design.

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By Vapospy Team on January 4, 2023 -
Updated on June 16, 2023
G Pen Micro+ (Plus) | Dab Pen Vape & Cartridges

Like to take turns between dabs and cartridges but hate carrying two different devices? You’re in luck. The G Pen Micro+ offers you both! This easy-to-use, two-in-one vaporizer, compatible with both dabs and vape pen cartridges, is a palm-sized device that has the potential to change the way you experience concentrates.

With its stylish, minimalist, pen-like appearance, this device boasts cartridge recognition technology, longer-lasting battery life, and intuitive design. What’s more, it comes nestled in a chic, hemp travel case!

A two-in-one, travel-friendly device

When the cartridge is attached, it’s a vape ready to rip; when detached, it’s a practical dab pen for concentrates. Switch easily between 510-thread pre-filled THC and CBD cartridges or add your concentrates – wax, dab, or shatter – to the Micro+ Tank.

The best part: the device has a responsive haptic feedback feature and will alert you when it’s ready to vape. It also automatically shuts off after five minutes of inactivity. How thoughtful!

Find your sweet spot for any session

With three distinct temperature settings – blue for low, green for medium and red for high – and intelligent temperature control, this palm-sized device will deliver heat evenly, both manually or automatically thanks to the 10 second auto-heat.

That’s not all. The battery also has a chip that gets real-time feedback from the coil and makes instant micro-adjustments so that the temperature is steady and consistent.

Stylish and powerful design

The slim, black body of the G Pen Micro+ is snugly encased inside a chic hemp travel case and includes a two-inch G Pen Keychain Tool or dabbing tool and USB to USB-C Charging Cable.

Powered with an 850mAH battery, this vape will last a full day. On top, the device features pass-through charging.

Easy to clean and maintain, this portable, two-in-one vape will streamline and unclutter your vape collection.

Minimum size, maximum features

The G Pen Micro+ is smart, savvy, and power-packed with all the features, yet discreet and portable. A hallmark from the G Pen product line, with its ceramic heating plate, quartz liner, integrated airflow, and food-grade silicone mouthpiece, you can be assured of a smooth, flavorful hit with every draw.

What’s more, the unique Cartridge Recognition Technology recognizes when the atomizer is swapped with a pre-filled cartridge and adjusts itself so the temperature’s just right. Say goodbye to over-heating concentrates!

G Pen Micro+ Video

Watch this video to see how the G Pen Micro+ works.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x G Pen Micro+ Battery 
  • 1x G Pen Micro+ Tank
  • 1x G Pen Micro+ Silicone Mouthpiece and Tank Cover 
  • 1x G Pen Keychain Tool 
  • 1x USB to USB-C Charging Cable 
  • 1x Hemp Travel Case


  • Brand / ManufacturerGrenco Science
  • Type:Portable Vaporizer
  • Haptic feedback:Yes
  • Usage:
  • Mouthpiece material:Plastic
  • Heating Technique:Convection
  • Temperature control:Preset Temperatures
  • Energy Source:Battery
  • Material:
    • Ceramik
    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Premium Steel
  • Average battery life:90 minutes
  • Chamber/oven material:
    • Ceramic
    • Glass
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Origin:USA
  • Charging Cable:USB-C
  • Temperature Settings:3 preset settings
  • Heat-up time:~ 2-5 seconds
  • Recharge Time:90 min
  • Battery capacity:850 mAh
  • Warranty:1 year(s)
  • Manual:Download Manual
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