CCELL Rizo Cartridge Vaporizer

CCELL Rizo Cartridge Vaporizer

Pocket-sized and potent, CCELL Rizo is a cartridge vaporizer for 510-thread batteries. It features a metallic body on the outside and savvy functions inside.


A cartridge vaporizer for 510 thread batteries, with the CCELL Rizo, flavor and potency is just a switch away.

A few features that set CCell Rizo apart are its buttonless inhale activation and its magnetic connector. Plus, you can switch between high and low temperatures by sliding the dual heat switch.

With haptic feedback, adjustable temperature settings, and decent battery life, CCELL Rizo has packed in new features and functionalities that its predecessors were missing.

High voltage for vapor, lower voltage for flavor

Switch between high and low temperatures by sliding the heat switch between H and L. Located at the bottom of the device, the two power modes quickly adjust the temperature output of the upper cartridge, allowing you to select your preferred heating temperature.

  • H for High: You can enjoy vapor-rich clouds at a high voltage of 3.4V.
  • L for Low: At a lower voltage of 2.8V, you can indulge in more flavorful hits.

Magnetic connectors, Gentle haptic vibration

The device includes two magnet adapters that make connecting your cartridge as easy as drop and go. When you are ready to puff on your stuff, inhale, the gentle haptic vibration will provide physical feedback.

Know your battery inside out

The CCELL Rizo has a long-lasting 300 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that charges swiftly with a USB-C cable that is included. A unique feature of the device is the LED battery life indicator that allows you to gauge your battery status.

Once you screw on one of the two included magnetic adapters and slide the cartridge into your battery, the LED lights on the top will indicate the battery life status. Three bars are full charge, two are 65%, and one is 30%. You can pop in the USB-C cable, which takes an hour to fully charge.

This discreet and petite vape is available in two colors, Silver and Black, with minimum size and maximum features. The silicone cover provides protection from scratches, ensuring the device maintains its shiny, good look.

CCELL Rizo Video

Watch this video and in-depth review all the features the CCELL Rizo offers.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x CCELL Rizo Cartridge Vaporizer
  • 2x Magnetic Adapter
  • 1x USB-C Cable

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