Shatter is a form of BHO (butane hash oil) that becomes particularly brittle and very thin during manufacturing. The claim that shatter is a powerful form of BHO is false. Depending on how one produces it, shatter can be particularly strong, but it can also be milder. It depends on the method used by the producer. The difference to other forms of BHO is only due to the different production.


As with other cannabis concentrates, Shatter attempts to extract the trichomes from the cannabis flowers. They contain an exceptionally high concentration of terpenes and have the most significant effect. Since shatter is a form of butane hash oil, or BHO for short, this manufacturing process uses liquid butane to separate the trichomes from the cannabis plant. The dripping liquid is heated again so that as much butane as possible disappears from the solution. This mixture is then left for a few days until an extract forms. Unlike other processes, shatter is not stirred or shaken during manufacture. As a result, it retains its clear appearance and does not become cloudy like other materials.


There are several ways to take shatter. Besides a classic dabbing rig, there are other ways to consume it.

With flowers
Many users mix small chunks of shatter in a joint or bowl. It is an easy way to enjoy shatter, but it doesn’t fully capture the pure flavor of the concentrate.

With vaporizer
The new vaporizers on the market allow you to vaporize extracts like shatter. The advantage: the pure taste of this concentrate comes to the fore, and vaporizing is far more health-friendly than smoking, for example.

With a pipe
Newer pipes also work with shatter. With this method, no expensive tools are necessary, and the taste of the material is not falsified.


The media, in particular, often warns against shatter. The manufacturing process is dangerous, and taking the extract is highly unhealthy. The danger concerning shatter only exists if the extract is produced at home without professional guidance. Because one creates shatter by heating liquid butane, it can explode. However, only if the user is poorly informed and inexperienced.

However, numerous professional labs, such as those in Colorado, produce shatter. Therefore, the consumer does not have to put himself in a position to make it himself. Some claim that shatter is almost six times stronger than other materials. It is incorrect because, on the one hand, it depends on the manufacturing process. On the other hand, one can inhale shatter less to achieve the same effect as, for example, marijuana.