Butane Hash Oil

The so-called butane hash oil or butane honey oil (butane honey oil), BHO for short, stands for a collective name for those (cannabis) products based on butane gas. Resin-rich buds of the female cannabis plant are placed in a pipe, and the gas sprays through it. The process creates such pressure that the tiny resin crystals are detached from the plant material and flow out of the pipe opening together with the liquid gas in the form of a resinous, often yellow mass. BHO is a highly potent marijuana product that can reach THC levels up to 70%.


In marijuana extraction, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is dissolved into a solvent (butane). The compressed air from a butane can effectively process the material with a provided pipe. The process doesn’t burst the marijuana buds; instead, in the best case, an excellent THC solution with as many terpenes and cannabinoids as possible is left.

The collected product must be subjected to a thorough water bath for the solvent to vaporize completely. The water should have a temperature of 50°C; as soon as no more bubbles form, it probably contains no more butane. A thorough water bath procedure should frequently repeat to exclude or minimize the risk that it contains contaminated material.

Generally, other solvents are also in use to make potent extracts, including CO2, ethanol, or propane.


BHO, butane hash oil, is consumed in many cases by dabbing, describing a novel vaporization form. In addition to a glass bong, you need unique material such as a glass dome and a glass or titanium nail. You can make glow the nail with a gas burner or lighter; then, the hash oil is dabbed onto the nail using a “dabber” (a tool made for this purpose) while at the same time inhalation takes place through the mouthpiece.

Alternatively, one can spread the BHO on a joint or crumble it into a smoking mixture. With these two variants, the central part is burned before you can inhale, so “dabbing” is considered a more efficient method.

Oral intake of BHO products is also standard, for example, in spherical form or incorporated into food.


As it is a cannabis product, the mode of action is the same as consuming it. However, BHO is a highly potent concentrate due to its high THC content and other cannabinoids. It does not require a large amount because it has a strong effect.

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BHO manufacturing comes with potential hazards. There is even a danger to life if the manufacturing process is wrong; the risk of explosion is not irrelevant. In addition, it is essential to ensure no solvent residues in the cannabis end product, as acute shortness of breath and other health inconveniences can occur.