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FumyTech Vapomix

The FumyTech Vapomix is a patented, revolutionary vaporizer that combines your personal preferences. Therefore, users ...

KandyPens K-Box

The KandyPens K-Box is the first vaporizer that brings the KandyPens name to the world. ...

from $ 74.95
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Focusvape Pro S


The Focusvape Pro S is a large chambered dry herbs vaporizer capable of holding 0.4g ...

Loki Touch Vaporizer

The Loki Touch by Loki Vapes may be the first vaporizer in the world that ...

from $ 149.00
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The IOLITE Wispr 2 has been redesign to make your vaping sessions more enjoyable than ...

Dr. Dabber Light

With the Dr. Dabber Light, you can vaporize wax and oil. The heating chamber features ...

from $ 36.54
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Flowermate V5 Nano


The Flowermate V5 Nano is the next big thing from Flowermate. The portable herbal vaporizer ...

from $ 103.00
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HerbalAire Vaporizer

The HerbalAire H2.2 Vaporizer requires no grinding; it can extract essence molecules throughout the entire ...

Vapolution 3

When it comes to tabletop vaporizers, the Vapolution line is one of the original entries ...

from $ 279.95
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KandyPens Feather

Designed for Nicotine Salt, the KandyPens Feather is not your typical vaporizer. It is compatible ...

from $ 28.49
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Alfa Vaporizer


The Alfa vaporizer is compatible with dry herbs. Heats up in less than 30 seconds, ...

from $ 84.99
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Vaponic Plus


If you’re the type to demand sustainability and versatility from the products you purchase and ...

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