YLL IH 2.0

YLL IH 2.0
YLL IH 2.0

The YLL Induction Heater 2.0 is a convenient solution for DynaVap sessions. With adjustable power, easy operation, portable design, and precise heating control, users can enjoy tailored sessions anywhere, all without the need for a torch.

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By Vapospy Team on June 14, 2024
YLL IH 2.0

Upgrade your DynaVap sessions with the YLLVAPE YLL-IH 2.0, the ultimate accessory for a seamless vaping experience. This innovative induction heater is designed to provide superior performance and portability while ensuring time-saving consistency during your sessions.

Gone are the days of cumbersome torches—this compact solution is engineered to heat your DynaVap conveniently. Compatible with all standard DynaVap models, you can enjoy your favorite herbs or concentrates anytime.

Crafted with adjustable control and an intuitive design, the YLL-IH 2.0 caters to both beginners and connoisseurs. Plus, its sleek and portable design makes it the ideal companion for on-the-go use.

Customizable Power

With the YLL Induction Heater 2.0, you can fine-tune your vaping experience like never before. Choose from 7 different wattage settings—30W, 35W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 55W, and 60W—to match your desired vapor production.

Higher wattages make the YLL-IH 2.0 heat up quickly and click like a torch. Conversely, lower wattages mean it heats up more slowly, giving your flavors time to develop slowly for a smoother vaping experience.

And that’s not all – you can activate the boost mode to unlock the full potential of the YLL-IH 2.0. By harnessing maximum battery power, this mode delivers fast heating and intense vapor production, reaching up to 70W.

Precision Heating Control

The YLL Induction Heater 2.0 boasts adjustable heating profiles and precise session duration control.

Customize your heat intensity by adjusting the coil base using the tool near the battery chamber. Utilize the height adjuster to modify the depth of the heating chamber, allowing for diverse heating styles and effects.

For precise session timing, click twice on the power button to select a timer setting between 10 and 60 seconds, confirming your choice with another double-click.

With this combination of heating adjustments and versatile timing controls, each vaping session is perfectly tailored to your exact preferences.

User-friendly Operation

The YLL IH 2.0 has been designed for effortless operation with its intuitive 3-button interface.

To use, adjust your desired wattage and time limit. Then, insert your DynaVap until you hear the click. The induction heating starts immediately as the heater detects your DynaVap’s presence and stops heating once removed.

Plus, another great feature is the convenient 5-minute sleep timer, ensuring peace of mind in case you forget to turn it off.

Portable Convenience for On-the-Go

The YLL Induction Heater 2.0 is a sleek and portable marvel designed with on-the-go enthusiasts in mind.

Crafted for modern lifestyles, the YLL-IH 2.0 offers ultimate convenience, effortlessly slipping into your pocket, backpack, or carry-on for torchless vaping wherever you go.

Finally, this battery-powered device is compatible with two replaceable 18650 batteries (not included), ensuring uninterrupted vaping sessions wherever you roam. 

YLL IH 2.0 Video

Watch this video to review the YLL induction heater 2.0. for DynaVap devices.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1xYLL-IH 2.0 Induction heater
  • 1x USB-C charging Cable
  • 1x Insert Driver
  • 1x 11.5mm Insert

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