VapCap TiWoody

Last update: October 11, 2018
VapCap TiWoody
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The VapCap TiWoody is a non-electronic vaporizer compatible with herbal and oil material. Other than the hardwood as an exterior and titanium as the heating element, TiWoody operates just like its predecessor, the VapCap Original. Equipped with the standard built-in temperature indicator that clicks when ready, the TiWoody comes with precision machined titanium extraction chamber.

VapCap TiWoody review

The TiWoody comes with different sizes, the normal TiWoody and TiWoody S measuring at 9.2 cm of length while the TiWoody XLS is longer with 10.9cm of length. Compatible with herbs and oils, the cigarette-like vaporizer sets itself aside by having either one or two “crowns”.

Featuring a stainless steel band on the end of the mouth end of the wooden mouthpiece known as the crown. With an extra crown, the vaporizing experience can be more satisfying while protecting the mouthpiece better.

S or XLS
The VapCap TiWoody family consist of the regular TiWoody, TiWoody S and TiWoody XLS.

  • TiWoody S : Measuring at 9.2cm, the S version comes with adjustable air and vapor ratio similar to the VapCap OmniVap
  • TiWoody XLS : The XLS is the longer version of the TiWoody, with 10.9cm of length it posses similar feature just like the regular and S version. It produces cooler vapor than the regular.

Removable parts
Designed with easily removable components, the TiWoody can be cleaned easily by soaking the parts into a tub of alcohol. Other than that, it allows customization with other compatible VapCaps parts.

Premium materials
Just like other VapCaps, theTiWoody is constructed with of food safe materials, eliminating contamination and aim to produce pure aromatic vapor at the same time. The stylish wooden part of the vaporizer are handmade, carved with premium hardwood such as cocobolo, bocote and blackwood.

Temperature indicator
The TiWoody operates just like other VapCaps, it clicks when the vapor is ready or needed more heat when cooled down. The clicking sound  for heating is determined according to placement of flame on the heating element recognized by the built-in temperature indicator. Place the flame on near the tip to vaporize at lower temperature and move towards the mouthpiece to increase the temperature.

VapCap TiWoody video

This video demonstrates the parts and features of the  VapCap TiWoody vaporizer and some extra tips.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x VapCap TiWoody
  • 1x Smell proof case


The non-electronic vaporizer can be used anywhere with any source of heat and the tiny nature makes it easy to bring around with discreet. Made out of premium materials build to last, the TiWoody comes with a few variation involving the crown, woods and length. With oily material to vaporize, removable components make sure cleaning process is a piece of cake.

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