Sonic Vaporizer

Sonic Vaporizer

The sonic vaporizer is a handheld vaporizer that appears like a typical walkie-talkie especially when the removable mouthpiece is in use. Easily to operated with only 3 buttons, the vaporizer comes with an LED display to keep on track of temperature and battery level.


The Sonic vaporizer is a handheld herbal vaporizer known for creating large clouds of pure and flavorful vapor as it utilizes a ceramic heating chamber. The vaporizer heats in less than 30 seconds at the exact temperature it was set on.

Handy and discreet
The hand-sized vaporizer can be easily snug onto jeans and purses. It measures at only 6.50 inches x 4.72 inches x 2.99 inches with 1.10 lbs of weight. The walkie-talkie looks definitely would not attract attention when used in public places or family gatherings.

Precise temperature control
The temperature is displayed on the LED display, portraying the current temperature of the oven. It is controlled easily by the plus and minus button on the side of the vaporizer, allowing flexibility in finding the perfect temperature of material vaporized.

Ceramic heating chamber
Comes with a magnetic cover lid, the Sonic vaporizer utilizes a ceramic heating chamber which is known for producing pure and flavorful vapors as it eliminates metal taste. The vaporizer heats up by conduction system that passes heat to the dry herbs to vaporize huge clouds while avoiding combustion.

Chamber light
The heating chamber is LED illuminated, thus allows filling up the chamber in the dark or simply ease the filling process. It is rare but quite valuable attributes if you’re the type of person who enjoys your herbs in the dark.

Sonic vaporizer video

Here is a detailed review of the Sonic Vaporizer :


  • The supposedly power button on the vaporizer engages the heating chamber, therefore switch the vaporizer on and set the temperature first.
  • It can be used while charging.
  • Don’t pack the herbs too tight as it may block the circulation, resulting less than perfect vapors.

What’s in the box

  • 1x Sonic Vaporizer
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x AC charger
  • 3x Replacement screens
  • 1x Manual


Small and mighty you can call it, the vaporizer is not only easy to use and heats up quickly, the stamina of the battery may be another consideration to get the vaporizer. Moreover, the ceramic heating chamber will not permit burning of herbs used. Not to forget, illuminated heating chamber.

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