Sidekick Vaporizer

Sidekick Vaporizer

The Sidekick vaporizer is produced by the reputable 7th Floor, known for the Da Buddha desktop vaporizer. The Sidekick vaporizer features a 22 setting of digital temperature control ranging between 248°F to 469°F. By utilizing both conduction and convection vaporizing methods, the Sidekick ceramic heating element is capable of vaporizing various materials from herbs, concentrates, and waxes. Powered by two Li-Ion batteries, the vaporizer comes with a stirring mechanism ensuring uniform vaporization. The most exciting part of this device is the cooling mechanism; it looks like a screw and smoothens the vapor as it passes through the spiral path.


7th Floor is well known for its high-quality desktop vaporizers like the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, and the Life Saber. With the Sidekick, they bring their first portable vaporizer to the market. It comes with some cool features like a built-in stirring tool, cooling system, a removable glass vapor path and a few more.

The Sidekick is made from metal with an aluminum shell that gives this vaporizer a premium look and feel. Due to the ergonomic shape, you can hold it easily in your hands. It uses ceramic, stainless steel and glass parts and there is no plastic part in this vape. Furthermore, the air path is separated from the electronics by a lid, which makes it more healthy and above all gives you pure clouds.

7th Floor has chosen to equip the Sidekick with two 18350 batteries. With both batteries, it charges very fast as the sidekick comes with a dual charger. When both batteries are inserted, it only takes about 30 – 45 minutes to charge them. It includes two sets of batteries, which are good for around six sessions.

As the Sidekick uses a lot of metal it is quite heavy, 0.71 lbs. Besides the weight, it is quite big for a portable vaporizer, 5 x 2.24 x 1.26 inches, which doesn’t make it the most portable device on the market. If you take in mind that you will have to bring the extra batteries, as discussed before, then it will all be a lot for a portable unit. Though, 7th Floor includes a carrying case in which you can put all the components.

Temperature setting
You can choose between 22 fixed settings to vape your herbs. Instead of a temperature setting, you set the Sidekick to a heating setting from level 1 till 11, increasing in steps of 0,5. These levels correspond to a temperature range associated with them which you found below:

Level 1100°F / 38°C
Level 1.5130°F / 54°C
Level 2160°F / 71°C
Level 2.5190°F / 88°C
Level 3230°F / 110°C
Level 3.5250°F / 121°C
Level 4270°F / 131°C
Level 4.5290°F / 144°C
Level 5320°F / 160°C
Level 5.5340°F / 171°C
Level 6355°F / 179°C
Level 6.5365°F / 185°C
Level 7375°F / 190°C
Level 7.5385°F / 196°C
Level 8395°F / 202°C
Level 8.5405°F / 207°C
Level 9415°F / 212°C
Level 9.5425°F / 218°C
Level 10435°F / 224°C
Level 10.5445°F / 229°C
Level 11455°F / 235°C

As shown, the temperature range is wide enough to get all types of effects: big clouds or light flavored vapor. They recommend vaping between 5.5 – 8 for herbs and oils and concentrates between 7 – 9.

Cooling system
It comes with a built-in cooling system with exists of a corkscrew-shaped piece of metal that is situated in the air path. Upon taking a draw, the air passes through it causing the vapor to cool off. In combination with the glass mouthpiece, the vapor comes out cooler and flavourful.

Sidekick Vaporizer Video

The following video unboxes the Sidekick and shows you how to use it.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x The Sidekick vaporizer
  • 2x Sets of rechargeable 18350 batteries (four total)
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 2x Pairs of color stickers
  • 4x Rubber battery caps
  • 1x Hand-made glass mouthpiece
  • 2x Cleaning brushes
  • 1x Small screwdriver
  • 1x Stainless steel oil can


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