RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Z

Last update: August 12, 2020
RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Z

The RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Z is a pure convection vaporizer with 510 thread. It acts like a regular atomizer for any 510 box mod with a capacity of at least 50 watts the difference would be the material it vaporizes. The Splinter Z is a perfect device to revive your old box mod or to vape herbs in additional to regular e-liquid.


Made in the USA by RastaBuddhaTao, the Splinter Z is a powerful version of the original RastaBuddhaTao Splinter that is 2.76 inches longer than this one. Indirectly it doubled the heating elements surface, providing massive intensified clouds of vapor.

RastaBuddhaTao uses only high-quality materials to make the stunning Splinter Z, and it is hand-craft in the USA. The exotic Bubinga wood and the chamber and a 19 mm thick frosted glass that fits optimally to a whole glass mouthpiece. Combining simplicity with high quality eliminates any chance for contamination. For that reason, there is no doubt that the airway of the RBT Splinter Z is completely isolated from any electronics.

Innovative convection system
The Splinter Z features the convection heating system and delivers robust and delicious vapor at the touch of a button. The one big difference it brings to the world is the ability to be used with a box mod. Convection heating system means the Splinter efficiently vaporizes your herbs as it gets heated only when you take a draw on an activated device, in this case, the box mod.

The temperatures
First of all, it may seem that you have no control over a device so simple like this, imagine using a flame-relying vaporizer such as the VapCap M or the Sticky Brick OG. However, you can control the Box Mod you pair it with, the following temperature settings are the estimation of the RBT Splinter Z:

  • Low: 20-35 watts (248°F – 347°F)
  • Medium: 25-35 watts (302°F – 401°F)
  • High: 35-45 watts (347°F – 446°F)

RBT Splinter Z Video

The video below shows you how to use the mod box properly. You will see the RBT Splinter Z delivers pure vapor with its pure convection heating system.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Splinter Z
  • 2x Glass Mouthpieces
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 3x Dome Screens
  • 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

Please note that you need a mod box for the use of the RBT Splinter Z.

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