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Last update: January 11, 2019
Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer
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Pinnacle Pro is a wax, oil and herbal vaporizer from VaporBLUNT; it is the next iteration of their classic portable vaporizer. The vaporizer comes with 5 preset temperatures and utilizes ‘bullet’ system made of titanium, allowing easy pre-fill and prevent cross-contamination. It features removable bowls for different material.


The Pinnacle Pro is second in the line after the Pinnacle vaporizer from The Vaporblunt company. The Pinnacle Pro stand out with a few features that will open your eyes to the possibilities that portable vaporizers hold. It boasts five different heat settings and a stunningly small profile that tops out at 6 inches long. Its small size is even more impressive when you take into consideration that it can vaporize dry herb and concentrates.

Portable Punch
The main aspect of the Pinnacle that Vaporblunt set out to improve is the heating chamber. They seem to have cracked that code, because the heat up time for this device is just under 90 seconds. It also features an automatic shut-off function that will ensure you don’t burn up the goods inside of the Pinnacle Pro.

Energy Saver
All of the power inside of this device comes from a lithium-ion battery that gets a surprising amount of vaporizing power from such a small enclosure. However, this leads to a drawback, as the battery will only last about 50 minutes at a full charge which is long enough for at least 4-5 sessions. The simple device is easy to use, and it only houses one button for all the functions. Plus, it does not waste any power on an OLED screen at least.

Bullet for my Vaporizer
The unique part of the Pinnacle Pro is the “bullet-style” bowls that come with it. Each one is removable and comes with a screen on the bottom. It looks very similar to a shell casing for a 9mm pistol, thus the bullet moniker. They tend to get a little hot, but it makes unloading your device a new experience that will end up saving you some time. It even comes with two bullets to make sure you always have some backup. If the bullets or your device get dirty from use, the Pinnacle Pro comes with a handy cleaning brush made specifically for the bullets.

This Isn’t the Pinnacle, But It’s Close
The Pinnacle Pro is a good product that will always get you where you want to go. It has a ceramic heating element and a lithium-ion battery. As long as a device can promise that, it has a good chance of being a decent vaporizer. Ease-of-use stands out for the Pinnacle Pro and cleaning is a breeze thanks to the modular bullet system. Vaporblunt has combined all of that with a nichrome heating element, as well, giving the Pinnacle Pro the specs to stand up to any other device in the portable vaporizing market.

Glass Hydrotube (not included)
Vaporblunt uses a convection engine with the Pinnacle Pro, and that usually results in some pretty flavorful vapor. However, it can also mean that the vapor comes out a little hotter than desirable. To combat this issue, Vaporblunt also sells their own Glass Hydrotube kits together with the vaporizer. Otherwise, you can get the Pinnacle Pro DLX which is the extended version of this vaporizer together with the water attachment. The Hydrotube is a specially designed attachment for the Pinnacle Pro that will function just like a water pipe, cooling and refreshing your vapor.

Pinnacle Pro Video

Here’s a review for the Pinnacle Pro. Take note of the special design of the bullets that come included with your new Pinnacle Pro.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer
  • 1x Herb Bullet
  • 1x Concentrate Bullet
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x Non-flavored Tip
  • 1x Flavored Tip
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 1x Stand
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x User Manual


butthe most serious vaporizer enthusiasts and youThere are many good things to be said about the Pinnacle Pro. The bullet design for loading and unloading your material has potential to be revolutionary. The Pinnacle Pro is exceptionally easy to use and features pretty cool attribute. However, there are some negative aspects that come with being smaller and lighter. Regardless, you will undoubtedly be surprised by the performance you get out of the Pinnacle Pro.


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