PAX Era Pro

PAX Era Pro

The PAX Era Pro is a handheld, portable device that works with pre-filled cannabis oil PAX pods. The vaporizer remembers your temperature setting and preferred dosing amount, given the haptic feedback feature. Therefore, this convenient technology offers a consistent and precise vaping experience each time you vape. However, you can adjust the setting as you see fit to one of four preset temperatures, ranging from low to very high. In addition, the product has side slits for advanced airflow capacity and smooth, flavorful vapor.


PAX introduces its Era Pro vaporizer, an update to the original Era model. The Pro edition has several add-on features compared to its predecessor. This includes ExpertTemp technology, pod memory, haptic feedback, and a UL-certified battery. The PAX Era Pro comes in 5 colorways: Sapphire, Black, Red, Grey, and Jade.

Petite frame yet powerful unit
This small pen fits into the palm of your hand, with measurements of just 3.07 x 0.63 x 0.39 inches. Also, it only takes the PAX Era Pro 45 minutes to reach a full charge. And once it does, you can get up to 250 hits before plugging it back into its power source.

ExpertTemp technology
The PAX Era Pro is compatible with oil-based PAX pods. Each pod leverages ExpertTemp technology to program a specific, optimal temperature. Note that it’s on an instant-on device. Therefore, when inserting the pod into the mouthpiece, the pen will heat up by itself to the preset temperature so you can start vaping right away. However, you can adjust the temperature settings on the pen. There are four temperatures to choose from, and they include:

  • 518°F (270°C)
  • 608°F (320°C)
  • 698°F (370°C)
  • 788°F (420°C)

Haptic feedback
When turning the PAX Era Pro device on, the haptic feature remembers the When turning the PAX Era Pro device on, the haptic feature remembers the previous heat setting you used. So, for the next session, that temperature is automatically set. But, you can adjust the vaporizer to the lowest setting if you want a tasty, small vapor. Or turn it to its highest setting if you prefer a strong dose and big fluffy clouds.

App support via Bluetooth
Each PAX pod has an ID tag that lets you pull up information about the pod via the PAX Mobile App. By downloading the app and pairing your device via Bluetooth, you have access to view third-party lab reports. These reports show you the cannabinoid potency, terpene levels, and relevant safety information of the cannabis oil. When pairing the vaporizer with your phone, you can browse other pods, lock the device, and customize your desired temperature to the exact degree. The PAX Era Pro has a temperature range between 518°F (270°C) and 788°F (420°C).

Color-coded “petal” lights
The four petals that look like an “X” on the front of the PAX Era Pro vaporizer serve various functions. Each petal light up a different color depending on whether you’re recharging it, taking a hit, inserting or removing a pod, changing temperature settings, or putting it in pairing mode. The Pro has no power button, so this color-coded system is a handy tool for navigating through all its functions.

PAX Era Pro Video

Check out this video that highlights the features of the PAX Era Pro vaporizer.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x PAX Era Pro Vaporizer
  • 1x USB-C charger

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  • Brand / ManufacturerPAX Labs Inc.
  • Type:
  • Haptic feedback:Yes
  • Usage:Oil
  • Temperature control:Preset Temperatures
  • Water Pipe Compatible:No
  • Energy Source:Battery
  • Origin:USA
  • Charging Cable:USB-C
  • Heat-up time:Instant
  • Size:7.8 x 1.6 x 1 cm
  • Recharge Time:45 min

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