Megatoke Dab A Toke XL

Megatoke Dab A Toke XL

The crown jewel from the house of Megatoke, the Megatoke Dab A Toke XL, is a luxe, sophisticated, portable device. It is compatible with both herbs and concentrates, but cannabis connoisseurs can partake in both at the same time! The dual coils, chambers, and batteries let you easily switch between concentrates, oil, dabs, and herbs. The Megatoke Dab A Toke XL is also compatible with 14mm and 18mm water pipes, bongs, and bubblers. Loaded with accessories like dry herb and concentrate coils, rechargeable batteries, a mouthpiece, water pipe adapter, oil tool, ceramic plunger, cleaning brush, and charger, this luxury device comes in two glitzy shades of gold and silver. Encased in a black and gold sophisticated carrying case, this one's for those who like to explore multiple ways to blaze.

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