Magic Flight Muad-Dib

Last update: August 12, 2020
Magic Flight Muad-Dib

Magic Flight Muad-Dib is a classic hand-held vaporizer. The handmade American product is easy to use and can vaporize your concentrate and oils quickly. It only takes three seconds to reach around the temperature of 899°F (482°C). This device is considered extremely efficient; you can operate it even with the smallest quantities.


Just like the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box is as stylishly designed to take your vaping session to a new level. Based on the general construction and functionality, the Muad-Dib is, without a doubt, an excellent device.

It is worth noting that the vaporizer is handmade by skilled artists from San Diego, California. Measuring measures 2.50 inches x 1.26 inches x 0.91 inches, it comes in the classic look and uses solid, high-quality materials. Due to the compact construction of the Muad-Dib, you can take it easily anywhere.

Small power-house
The Muad-Dib is notably efficient; you can operate it with the smallest quantities. Above all, the almost instantaneous heat up is truly magic. With its patented heating system, the portable Muad-Dib ensures strong results. Running on rechargeable batteries, you can dab more than 50 times with a single charge.

Magic Flight Muad-Dib video

Using the Muad-Dib is easy as 1-2-3. Watch how this small but mighty vaporizer runs.

What’s in the box.

  • 1x Magic Flight Muad-Dib
  • 1x Inhalation hose
  • 2x Rechargeable batteries
  • 2x Battery end protection caps
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Replacement screen
  • 1x Storage can
  • 1x Loading spoon
  • 1x User guide

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