Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail

Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail

The Bubbler Ti + Enail is the shorter and newer generation of the Herborizer Bubbler. Possesses the good genes from it's family, the handblown vaporizer is engineered to perfection. The Bubbler Ti + Enail is raved to be better than it's twin, the Tube Ti + Enail as there is more filtration involved, the vapor cools down faster while it traps more stray particles.

Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail Review

Crafted in France with handblown Borosilicate glass and highest quality materials, the Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail is a pure 100% convection vaporizer made for herbal and concentrate materials. Weighing 1.5kg, the desktop vaporizer can be carried anywhere easily and has a capacity of 0.3g for herbal materials.

The French can be fancy, the Bubbler Ti + Enail is constructed with handblown Borosilicate glass and Titanium. It may not produce macaroon flavored vapors, however the vaporizer can definitely produce pure and dense vapors. Featuring 100% convection vaporizing, there is no direct heat applied on the herbs, eliminating any chances of combustion.

The Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail may be the only vaporizer that can reach up to 500°C or 932°F in the market yet, thanks to the waterproof titanium heater. The highest temperature can be reached while using the e-nail mode with temperature ranging from 338°F to 932°F. As for the dried herbs mode, temperature ranges in between 194°F to 572°F.

Everything about the Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail is perfect to the smallest detail. Looks like a regular knapsack, the carrying case is not just stylish on the outside. It ensures all the components of the vaporizer are safe and stays in place without knocking on each other or just scatter around when the case is opened.

Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail Video

Bleak’s Stoner may not spoke a word in this video, however it’s like Charlie Chaplin movies, you’ll get it. He demonstrate how to set up the vaporizer for both mode and you can  also see the stylish bag it comes with. For your convenient, we skip the strolling around Amsterdam part for you.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail
  • 1x Enail
  • 1x Bowl Ti (18.8mm)
  • 1x Heat injector
  • 5x Screens
  • 4x O-rings
  • 1x Titanium dabber
  • 1x Temperature controller
  • 1x Carry case
  • 1x Power cord


The Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail is a vaporizer made to last, together with compatibility of both herbal and concentrate material, it is worth the investment. Not to forget the stylish protective carrying case, it makes the Borosilicate glass body is almost immortal. Just like other Herborizer vaporizer, the Bubbler Ti + Enail also come with different shape: the Herborizer Tube Ti + Enail.

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