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Fenix Svaty

Last update: October 3, 2018
Fenix Svaty
4.3 / 5.0 Rating

The Fenix Svaty is a herbal vaporizer utilizing both conduction and convection heating. Powered by 1,650mAh battery, the vaporizer operates within a range of 320°F to 410°F with one degree increment. Featuring an OLED display, the vaporizer can be operated easily and features an auto-shut off feature after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Fenix ​​Svaty Review

The Fenix ​​Svaty offers a lot for a little money – it’s like a good dog who devote their lives to their master. The Svaty vaporizer may be one of the cheapest convection vaporizer you may get and it comes with a durable anodized metal heating chamber.

Convection heating method
The Fenix ​​Svaty is like its peer, the Fenix vaporizer as it features similar heating method. The vaporizer heats up the air in advance, before passing through the herbs and extracting its active substance into vapor. This method not only preserve the flavor of the herbs vaporized, it also elevate the potency of the vapor while preventing the herbs from burning.

Full temperature control
Featuring 3 button controls, the Svaty vaporizer can be easily controlled and is a fool-proof vaporizer perfect for beginners or just anyone who like simple stuffs. The Svaty vaporizer allows you can set the temperature freely between 320°F to 410°F (160°C – 210°C), allowing you to experiment with the vaporizer.

Strong battery
The most important feature of a portable vaporizer will always be the battery capacity, you wouldn’t want a weak vaporizer that could not satisfy your needs. Featuring a built-in battery with 1,650mAh capacity, the Svaty can last for about 6 to 7 sessions. After five minutes of inactivity, the vaporizer goes into stand-by mode to preserve battery. Plus, it took only 2 hours to fully charge the Svaty vaporizer.

Small and easy
The Svaty vaporizer is a super lightweight vaporizer that weighs only 70g, the 10cm tall vaporizer come with comfortable rubbery grip. Featuring an OLED display, the status of the vaporizer can be monitored easily while it heats up in just up to 35 seconds.

How to use the Fenix ​​Svaty

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and fill the herbs, which have been crushed with a grinder, into the heating chamber.
  2. Put the mouthpiece back on.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the vaporizer. (or turn off)
  4. You can now set the desired temperature with the up or down key.

Tip: The herbs should not be too small, otherwise they may get into your mouth if pulled too hard.

Fenix Svaty Video

You may check out the feature of the Svaty vaporizer in this video while taking a closer look at the device itself.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Svaty Vaporizer
  • 1x Silicone mouthpiece
  • 1x Cleaning tool
  • 1x Filling tool
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User manual


The handy size, elegant design and high-quality materials paired with convection heating make the Fenix ​​Svaty by Weecke Technology a popular vaporizer. The Svaty vaporizer heats up quickly with full temperature control, allowing user to experiment as they wish. Moreover the huge battery capacity adds up to the awesomeness of this vaporizer.

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