Eyce Spark

Eyce Spark

The Eyce Spark is an all-glass rig encased in a silicone sleeve for an extra layer of protection. Portable, hassle-free, and compatible with concentrates and dry herbs, this device will elevate your vaping experience.


Portable, stylish, and convenient, the Eyce Spark rig vaporizes concentrates and dry herbs. Users can quickly swap from one to the other and enjoy quality vapor and flavor.

All in borosilicate glass and backed by a durable and solid platinum-cured silicone ProTeck sleeve, your device will always be kept safe. Enjoy your materials worry-free thanks to this sturdy design.

Equipped with a battery-powered removable LED light, hidden storage, and its slew of accessories, this dual-compatible unit will undoubtedly light up your sessions whether you are a novice or an experienced user.

Multi-use tool, Hassle-free

The Eyce Spark will please users who are looking for flexibility. With this rig, you can effortlessly switch between dry herbs and concentrates, depending on your mood. As a multi-use tool, it includes a 14mm quartz concentrate bucket and a 14mm flower bowl slide.

The rig is super easy to use, and if you are up for a bit of cleaning, hold the base of the sleeve and pull the glass outward towards the opening in the silicone encasing. Once cleaned and dry, just fit it back. Easy!

Sturdy design

The Eyce Spark is made from borosilicate glass, which means it is solid and produces clean and flavorful draws.

A durable platinum-cured silicone sleeve protects the body. This extra layer of protection adds grip and feels safe in your hands, so you don’t panic about scratching or dropping it, especially when the glass is hot.

Its sturdy design makes the rig perfect for everyday use, with multiple unique color options available.

All in style

The Eyce Spark rig is equipped with a battery-powered removable LED light underneath the glass which keeps the unit always glowing.

It adds a stylish visual effect and makes it ideal for activities on the go as it keeps the unit illuminated. Festivals, camping, glow sessions, or to change your day vibe, the Eyce Spark has your back!

More colors? Upgrade and customize with the Eyce LED Expansion Pack, which includes 5 LED lights: Red, Green, Purple, White, and a party light Disco.

Practical and Portable

The practically indestructible rig’s silicone sleeve is equipped with convenient tool holders around the base. As such, you always have the dab tool you might need within reach.

On top, thanks to the hidden storage at the base, users have enough room to store and transport their materials and small items. This portable design turns it into the perfect travel companion!

In addition to the concentrate bucket, flower bowl, LED light, tool holders, and storage, the unit also comes with a steel poker, which is excellent for aerating tightly packed materials or clearing debris. It is safe to say that you have everything you need for lift-off, even on the go!

Eyce Spark Video

Check out this video which briefly showcases how to assemble and use the Eyce Spark unit.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Eyce Spark Rig
  • 1x Platinum-cured Silicone Sleeve
  • 1x White LED Light + Battery
  • 1x Steel Poker
  • 1x 14mm Male Quartz Bucket
  • 1x 14mm Male Bowl Piece

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