DaVinci Dosage Grinder

The DaVinci Dosage Grinder shreds herb into a medium-fine grind and diffuses it into dosing capsules in a single step. This herb grinder can fill up to six dosing capsules at one go, a must-have accessory crafted for the DaVinci IQ Series vaporizers.


The DaVinci Dosage Grinder is a special four-part grinder that grinds your botanical, flower, or dry herb seamlessly into dosage pods or capsules for the DaVinci IQ Series vaporizers.

Made with high-quality aluminum and a unique funnel-loading system, this grinder is easy to load and even easier to clean.

Pairs perfectly with DaVinci vaporizers

This 4-part grinder allows you to grind your favorite herbs and botanicals into the perfect consistency for your DaVinci IQ, IQ2, and IQC vaporizer.

A high-quality grinder made from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, its sharp teeth grind dry herb to a medium-fine texture, which is perfect for DaVinci vaporizers.

Compatible with ceramic and stainless steel pods

The DaVinci Dosage Grinder is compatible with ceramic and stainless steel pods, sold separately. The bottom-most section of this four-part grinder can hold up to six dosage pods, and each dosing capsule fits up to .2g of ground herb.

Easy loading, Easier clean-up

The design of the DaVinci Dosage Grinder lets you kickstart your sesh with no mess and wasted herb. The loading and cleaning up is a breeze because the freshly ground dry herb gets diffused into the dosage pods. A convenient solution for filling pods quickly and conveniently, the grinder is easy to use and clean, and will last for years.

Even if you don’t own a DaVinci vaporizer, the DaVinci Dosage Grinder is an effective grinder to add to your collection. When the dosing capsule ring is removed, it acts as a regular herb grinder and only takes seconds to grind and filter your herb.

DaVinci Dosage Grinder Video

Watch this video to learn how to use the DaVinci Dosage Grinder with a dry herb.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x DaVinci Dosage Grinder

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