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Atmos Aegis

Last update: October 3, 2018
Atmos Aegis
4.5 / 5.0 Rating

An “aegis” is anything that shields you from outside attack. In this case, the Atmos Aegis shields beginners from purchasing the wrong starter vaporizer. There are just a few things you need to care about when starting out, but the Aegis nails all of them: fully isolated air-path, quality filtration, hardy materials, etc.

Atmos Aegis Review

The Aegis is a cost-effective and well-built option for anyone that wants to start vaping but is afraid of purchasing a low-quality vaporizer that will fall apart after a few months. Atmos is well known for crafting great vaporizers with amazing value and the Aegis is the next in line. There is many factors that makes the Aegis not just another starter vape, but rather, a great device for anyone- right up to the expert levels. If you want a product you can rely on, the Atmos Aegis gives you an excellent option.

An Elite Option for Beginners
Keeping with the theme of the Aegis being great for beginners, there are a few factors that send this device over the top. For one, the standard kit comes with all of the extra bits that you will need to get started vaping. But, Atmos didn’t just provide you with the standard experience. Instead, they’ve added something different that might help out new and old vapers, alike. Underneath the mouthpiece, there is a removable silicone filter that keeps any debris or extra hot vapor from reaching your vulnerable mouth parts. It is designed to be infinitely cleanable and will likely last longer than you will. With every vaporizer purchased comes the eventual reckoning of having to change the filter. With most, this is an extreme hassle. However, the Atmos Aegis sidesteps this problem altogether.

Chamber of Steel
One of the Aegis’ best attributes is found deep inside of the unit. Its oven is made from hard-anodized aluminum and that sets it apart from many similar vaporizers. Typically, for budget vaporizers, you will find a plastic oven and chamber underneath the mouthpiece. These do not last a very long time for obvious reasons: you simply can’t heat plastic over and over again and expect good results. With the aluminum chamber, the Aegis has lengthened its lifespan considerably. It also makes it easier to use the convection function that the Aegis relies on to vaporize your herbs. Convection vaporizers heat up air in a separate area and require the user to breathe the hot air through the chamber. This keeps the material away from the heat source and is, in general, a more efficient way to heat your herb. Typically, this will mean that your vaporizer will heat slower, but the Atmos Aegis turns in a stellar 30 to 45 second heat up time that stands toe-to-toe with the best out there.

Precision Temperature Control
The Atmos Aegis has a sleek, minimalist design but that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on temperature control. Although many lower quality vapes get by with specific heat settings, it’s always better to be in control of your temperature. In order to achieve this, the Aegis has a simple LED display that shows you all the relevant system information you could ask for. With dedicated temperature control buttons, it’s never been easier to maximize your vapor. Using these features, the device can reach temperatures on a scale of 320°F to 430°F in no time. The Aegis will do this using the included 1650 lithium-ion battery that can last you for about an hour of vaping time. However, the hotter you go, the less time you will have. Thankfully, Atmos took precautions. The battery charges in an incredible 80-90 minute timeframe and can be used while charging.

Shielded From Suspicion
In general, the Aegis eschews any kind of superfluous material that other companies might use to boost their style factor- and the price. It is made of a flexible and resilient plastic that keeps your device looking great while shielding you from any radiating heat. You will also find certain areas on the Aegis have been rubberized to keep it firmly in your hand. Atmos has also included a 3-minute shutoff timer that keeps your material from combusting due to negligence. Considering this unit is one of the easiest to use and understand, that means practically anyone can feel safe picking up an Atmos Aegis. All of this to say, you won’t have any trouble hiding your Aegis. It’s exceptionally small and fits easily into the palm of an average-sized hand. Even the LED screen is on the darker side of things to keep you out of trouble in low light. The best innovation for stealth, however, is the easy-access mouthpiece. All you have to do is twist and lift to get the mouthpiece free from the body. This means you can load and pack with incredible ease.

Atmos Aegis Video

If you want to know what the Aegis looks like up close and personal, take a look at this quick video. You’ll get an overview of the specifications and features of the Aegis while earning some insight into its use. Don’t forget to check out the new silicone filter!

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Atmos Aegis Vaporizer
  • 1x Packing Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Replacement Filter


Although there may be more technologically advanced vaporizers out there, the Atmos Aegis is not attempting to compete with them. After all, most of the new innovations these days don’t do much to assist with your overall experience. No matter what, people want fast heat-up times, great flavor and great construction so they can be sure of their investment. The Aegis provides all of these in spades and has a very competitive price, as well. If you want a solid unit that will give you plenty of room to grow in the future, the Aegis is the one.

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