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Yocan iShred

The iShred vaporizer by Yocan is one of the most multifunctional herbal vaporizers in the ...

from $ 67.99
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KandyPens Flocko Jodye

The famous rapper A$AP Rocky designed the limited edition pen vaporizer. The Flocko Jodye features ...

from $ 38.00
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DynaVap VapCap M


The VapCap M by DynaVap is a herbal and resin vaporizer. Slightly different from its ...

from $ 63.00
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Sticky Brick Runt


The StickyBrick Runt is another great wooden vaporizer handmade in the USA. The analog convection ...

from $ 139.90
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Puffco Peak


The Peak is the first desktop vaporizer from Puffco. Known for producing tiny but mighty ...

from $ 341.99
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Flowermate Mini V5.0S


The Flowermate Mini V5.0S is smaller but as powerful as the Flowermate V5.0S. This herbal ...

from $ 99.70
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Flowermate Pure Hit

Have you ever been using a portable vaporizer and thought, “I wish there were some ...

Flowermate AURA


The Flowermate Aura is one of the smallest options available in the portable vaporizer market. ...

from $ 79.99
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CloudV F-17

The CloudV F-17 is also known as CloudV F-17 Stealth Herbal Vaporizer. Featuring a button ...

from $ 118.99
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Storm Vaporizer


A recent trend has developed in the industry of portable vaporizers: using input from vaporizer ...

Atmos Boss

Atmos Boss is a heavy duty vaporizer pen explicitly designed for dried herbs. The vaporizer ...

from $ 119.95
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HoneyStick Rippo

The HoneyStick Rippo may look like a Zippo lighter at first glance! Compatible with oily ...

from $ 99.00
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