Mighty VS Crafty Vaporizer

The Mighty and the Crafty vaporizer are related indirectly by nature, they are both produced by the German manufacturer Storz and Bickel. You may see that both vaporizer possesses similar characteristic such as the “comb-like” structure and the high quality plastic built. The “comb-like” structure are not some random design for aesthetics, it improves cooling of the devices.

Mighty VS Crafty

Differences of the Mighty and Crafty

First of all, the Mighty vaporizer is the big brother of the Crafty and therefore it is a bit more expensive than the Crafty. So to speak, the Mighty bears a few extra feature and improvement over the Crafty. We provide you a table to help you decide if the higher price of the Mighty stands for itself, or if the Crafty is sufficient for you.

 Weight0.3lbs (135 g)0.5 lbs (230 g)
 Dimension4.3 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches5.5 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches
 Warm up time~ 90 Seconds~ 90 Seconds
 LCD DisplayYes
 Temperature104°F – 410°F104°F – 410°F
 Operating duration45 min. 90 min.
 Heating chamber volume1,4cm³ 1,4cm³
 Smartphone AppYes
Warranty2 Years2 Years
 Lowest PricePrice listPrice list

Temperature setting differences

One of the biggest difference between the two vaporizers are the temperature control. The Mighty vaporizer came with an LCD display with two buttons next to it as control. Thus providing full temperature control for the Mighty vaporizer.
However, the Crafty vaporizer features no display and offers only fixed temperature settings as below:

By pressing the power button once, the Crafty vaporizer will start to heat up to 356°F. When the button is pressed twice, the vaporizer will switch to the second predefined temperature of 383°F. If you would like to change these two standard temperature settings, you must first download the Crafty app on your smartphones and then you may to configure it however you want.

Mighty manual vs Crafty app

The Mighty vaporizer is a straightforward vaporizer that you can control manually without the need of an app. In case of troubleshooting, you may simply download a manual from Storz & Bickel website.

Unlike the Mighty vaporizer, the Crafty vaporizer requires an app to adjust the temperature settings. Therefore, you may use the app a lot if you like to change the temperature regularly as it does not allow more then 2 settings at a time. The app also features the Crafty manual itself, you may find out what temperature you need to vaporize specific herbs such as Eucalyptus or Lavender in no time!

Check out the Crafty app ; Crafty app for iPhone and Crafty app for Android.

Differences :

If you go back to the table, you may see that the Mighty vaporizer is bigger than Crafty. When choosing a vaporizer, mobility is the most crucial characteristic one may consider. It always depend on individual, one may want to use a vaporizer alone at home and another may want to use it outdoors with friends or so on. Whatever the back stories is, there are two characteristics that play a crucial role here.

The mobility of a vaporizer always correlates with battery where the usual case is; the bigger the battery capacity, the bigger the vaporizer is. The Mighty vaporizer has about twice as long usage time as the Crafty with around 90 minutes when used continuously, this explains why the Mighty is also larger than Crafty. When going out, you may need a bag or have a huge pocket to fit the Mighty vaporizer in. Meanwhile, the Crafty vaporizer can be carried around easily and fits in almost any pocket.

Mobility may be the only issue for the Mighty vaporizer unless you don’t mind size, it works amazing as a cord-less portable home vaporizer, camping companion or something like that. While Crafty can be carried around more freely and comes with a mobile app but has only half the power.

Battery saving tips : In between inhalation breaks, do not take too long as the vaporizer consumes energy to keep the temperature still. You can also switch it off immediately when you’re done.

Similarities :

The most obvious similarities of the Mighty and Crafty vaporizer would be the “column” of cooling fins, which provides cooling for the vaporizers during usage. The Mighty has 3 “columns” and the Crafty has 2, one “column” are for the heating chamber and the others are for the batteries.

Second obvious similarities of the Mighty and Crafty would be the heating method, both vaporizers utilizes hybrid heating method with more convection than conduction. Other than that, the isolation of the electronic parts and batteries from heating chamber eliminates any contamination to occur. Together with great airflow system, both vaporizers produces high potency vapors as it offers the best of both worlds.

Conclusion of Mighty vs. Crafty

Both devices are great and each have their advantages and disadvantages, I can not make an objective statement of which device is better in comparison. Everyone has different opinion on things, one may not care how big the Mighty is and another might think the Crafty is too small. In the end of the day, it is you who decide what you like.

Personally, I love the Mighty vaporizer as I can decide which temperature I like anytime I wanted. The size does not matter too much as I use it indoor, it is definitely works like a desktop vaporizer with the vapor quality and power without the need of a cord or whip. Moreover, there is no need to find my phone and run an app to change the temperature because I turn it up as I see fit.

However, one does not need to yank the temperature up every inhalation or use more than 3 different temperatures anyway. If you value mobility and technology, you would love the Crafty vaporizer as both produce same vapor quality. I hope I could help you with this comparison to make a good decision.