VaporBlunt Vaporizer

Like most vaporizer focused companies, VaporBlunt has their office in California. The Ventura based company known for their impressive vaporizers such as the Pinnacle.

As an early herbal vaporizer maker in the world, they proves themselves to be one of the best. It is because their vaporizers are easy to use and made with high quality materials.

VaporBlunt offers a wide range of different vaporizers for everyone. We look forward for a comeback from this OG.

Current VaporBlunt vaporizers:

The Palm 2.0

The palm 2.0 is a more discreet version of The Palm 1.0 Vaporizer. The device ...

from $ 119.95
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Palm 1.0 Vaporizer

The palm 1.0 is a herbal, wax and oil vaporizer. It comes in the form ...

from $ 74.95
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Pinnacle Vaporizer

The Pinnacle is an oil and herbal vaporizer that utilizes convection vaporization. Fast heat-up time ...

from $ 149.99
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Pinnacle Pro

Pinnacle Pro is a wax, oil and herbal vaporizer from VaporBLUNT. It is considered as ...

from $ 199.99
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Pinnacle Pro DLX

The Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer comes with a mini scientific Glass Hydrotube providing an extra ...

from $ 229.99
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