TopGreen Tech Vaporizers

Often confused or known only by the series, TopGreen Tech are the main brand behind the XVAPE Fog, the XMAX Starry and the XVAPE Vista. So keep in mind that XVAPE and XMAX is under the same brand, it is series of vaporizers made by TopGreen.

TopGreen Tech is a vaporizer maker originated in the Silicone Valley of China, a city called Shenzhen. Started manufacturing since 2010 as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), TopGreen has all the expertise, experience and technology to produce great vaporizers.

Check out the Official TopGreen website to find more information and what other products they have.

  • XVAPE Vista

    XVAPE Vista

    The XVAPE Vista is a powerful and portable e-nail and e-rig vaporizer made especially for ...

  • XMAX Starry

    XMAX Starry

    The XMAX Starry Vaporizer might be the answer to your prayers if you vape on ...

    from $ 87.99
  • XMAX V2 Pro

    XMAX V2 Pro

    The XMAX V2 Pro is one of the budget-friendly vaporizers that will enable you to ...

    from $ 43.00
  • XMAX Starry V2

    XMAX Starry V2


    The long-running production of XMAX vaporizers continues with the new and improved XMAX Starry V2. ...

    from $ 89.00
  • XVAPE Fog

    XVAPE Fog


    The XVAPE Fog is the first fully convection vaporizer from TopGreen, the company behind XVAPE ...

    from $ 87.00
  • XMAX Starry V3

    XMAX Starry V3


    The XMAX Starry V3 belongs to the successful Starry series and is a further improved ...

    from $ 70.00
  • XVAPE Vista Mini

    XVAPE Vista Mini

    The XVAPE Vista Mini is an extraordinary combination of Dab-Rig and E-Nail that turns your ...

    from $ 117.00
  • XVape Aria

    XVape Aria

    The XVape Aria is a portable vaporizer suitable for both herbs and concentrates materials. It ...

    from $ 60.00
  • XVAPE Vista Mini 2

    XVAPE Vista Mini 2

    The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 is a portable electronic dab rig, compatible with your waxes ...

    from $ 83.30
  • XVAPE Vital

    XVAPE Vital

    The XVAPE Vital is a fool-proof vaporizer that gives you pure vapors without any tricky ...

    from $ 49.99
  • XVAPE V-One 2.0

    XVAPE V-One 2.0

    The XVAPE V-One 2.0 is a portable vaporizer and tabletop rig for waxes and concentrates. ...

    from $ 71.10