Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizers

A vaporizer from the Sticky Brick Labs are known as Sticky Brick or Bricks when it come in bunches. It is one of the most loved non-electrical vaporizer, receiving tonnes of love from the vaporizing community all over the world. Each Sticky Brick vaporizer are made with love in the town of Dillsboro, North Carolina. Handmade with precision and efficient vaporizing in mind, the design of a Sticky Brick resembles a brick wall and the components were held together with magnets. Sticky Bricks!

Featuring various hardwood as body and Simax (brand) Borosilicate glass components, the Sticky brick eliminates unnatural and unnecessary contamination like plastic that would cause harmful effects on our body. The high quality hardwoods were made in different variations such as cherry or walnut and the accessories of a Sticky Brick may be used to different Sticky Brick. Therefore, you can have a whole Sticky Brick vaporizer collection without having too many different accessories.

Most importantly, the Sticky Brick vaporizer utilizes full convection heating method which passes hot air through the material without any direct contact to the material itself. Convection heating may not be rare in non-electronic vaporizer, but what sets a Sticky brick apart from the other vaporizer would be chamber size and effortless cleaning.

You may check out the official website of the Sticky Brick Labs for different wood variations such as; Purple heart or fractal burned woods.